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Graphics Tablet/ Pen Monitor Review

Hey guys, I had a chance to try out a Wacom Cintiq Graphics tablet competitor, the Ugee 2150.  It's actually a quite fantastic alternative to being able to draw/ paint directly on the screen without breaking the bank.  I've used it to refine some art elements in my Adventure Creator project, as well as create a scene from scratch.  Have a look at my review below if you're in the market, or if you're curious about cintiq alternative pen tablets.



  • Looks really nice. Wish I could buy my sister one someday (she loves to draw and paint). I wasn't aware of this brand. I'll keep it in mind in the future. Anyway, thanks, for the info.
  • I highly recommend XP-Pen tablets as well. I have the XP-Pen Artist15.6 , which was, at the time, the medium sized tablet in the Intuos line (I say 'at the time' because mine is over a year old now, and I'm not quite up to speed on their recent offerings). It has good pressure sensitivity, is easy to set up and use, comes with replacement pen nibs, and works well with various graphics programs (including Corel Painter, which is what I use). All I can say is that it's miles ahead of drawing with a mouse.

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