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URGENT!!! - Sprites all glitched up in build (but not in editor). Video attached.

Please help!!!...

I don't make a build all too often but the last time I did everything was fine. Suddenly yesterday, I tried to test the game and this happens not in one scene but ALL of them!

Please watch the video.

As mentioned, it only happens in game's build. Please, please, guys - help! ;)


  • Without more context, there's not much people can suggest.  What versions of AC, Unity, and platform?  Does it happen randomly, or the same time each time you play?

    The issue looks like one with the animations, so the first thing to do will be to isolate the source.  Make a new scene and place your character(s) in there.  Remove AC's components so that you're just left with an animated sprite, then modify your Animator controller so that the problematic animations run automatically.  Do they then have the same problem?
  • Using Unity ver 5.3.4f1 personal. AC ver 1.52a. Platform: Windows PC x86_64 Animating using Sprites Unity method.

    It happens same way every time I play it. Animations were fine before this happened and looking at it now no sprites are missing in the animations.

    I will now try to do what you've suggested - make a new scene and try to isolate the problem. I'm really terrified to be honest, 'cos this is 6 months worth of work here ... :(

    Which AC components should I remove in the new scene?

  • The Player / NPC and Paths components.
  • I made a new scene, moved it to the front in the build settings so it's the first scene in the game, and placed player and 1 npc in there, without removing any AC components for now. No glitches whatsoever. Works fine... Now I'll try to go to the original first scene from this test one and see if the glitches return.
  • Okay - starting game with that new test scene, then using a hotspot to switch scene to the original starting scene the glitch is gone. I don't know why, and I have no idea what's been causing it... but the main thing is the problem is fixed ;) I was actually intending to put another short scene right before the main menu (with a trigger warning for 18+) so I'll keep it there. Phew! ;)

    Thanks, Chris ;) Sorry for panicking! ;)
  • Are you using sprite sheets?
    If so, I might had a similar problem as you!

  • No, I just import a bunch of numbered sprites. But I do have the generate mip maps option ticked, filter set to bilinear. I don't know if that matters at all... ;)
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