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Menu Bug?: Draw Outlines

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Here i have the stock game menu.

I was editing my project yesteday, logged on today to now see the outlines are bugged for some reason when i have yet to dabble with them.

To be sure, i make another game folder with a new menu manager and the same happens as seen in the screenshot.

In game, menus are fine and in the editor the menus are fine, its just the drawn outline for some reason makes i seem like its off.


  • Strange. Usually whenever things look off, clicking inside the Menu Manager is enough to "reset" everything.  Have you modified the menu at all, or is it the same as the Demo game's Pause menu?
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    No modification yet. As i said i even made a new menu manager and still the same outcome along with the 2d/3d stock menu managers.

    Fresh scene doesnt seem to work either and its like this for all menus.

    It seems that another project i have AC in works fine though, so its just this project for some reason...
  • Any news on this subject as of yet? Proving difficult to align properly as before and visualize menus when i cant see them.


    I also re-imported all assets to check for corruption, but to no avail.
  • Same problem here
  • I can't recreate this issue.  If it's working in one project, but not another, try to work out what the difference is - I'll be able to help much better if you can tell me what it is you need to do to get this problem to occur.
  • It has to be something acquired from the past 2 updates. As now that i updated my other projects that it was fine in, they are now bugged like this.

    So its not even an instance that can be recreated as such like debugging, this is happening is fresh projects using the new update now, and i have made 5 projects in a row to see if was bugged in all of them and it is.

    So maybe you can look into the code you have that allows the GUI to draw the outlines in relation to any script changes you made in the previous and present update.

    Other than that, i dont know what else to do for you.
  • Only thing I can suggest is that you PM me an example project.  Remove everything except AC and the broken Menu Manager (basically just so it's only the bare-minimum needed for me to see it), and send it my way.
  • For everyone that has this problem: there is an (undocumented ?) option in the Global Menu Setting on top of Menu Manager that solves the problem. Simply check the Apply outline offset fix toggle and the outlines magically will be displayed as they should.

    I apologize if this was already documented elsewhere but I've not found any reference to this option.
    Hope that this will be useful for someone else.

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    Yeah, a lot fixes and new options don't appear directly in the manual, but you can actually find all these under the respective AC Update they came with, which you can find under Official News, in the forums. So if you want to check the whole lists of features you can probably take a look in there (just read the Added and skip the fixes if you want). These are probably also in the change log too (though I must admit I usually just check the forums for that). But, bear in mind AC is pretty vast, so remembering all features by heart is sort of hard... Anyway, it's good to hear the problem is now gone. Cheers!
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