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MovieTexture Error on Android

I have a MOV clip that I can play flawlessly on Desktop builds with no problem using the Engine:PlayMovieClip feature.

However, apparently 'MovieTexture' isn't supported on Android builds so how do we get around this?

This is the error I get when trying to build for Android:



  • The error you are getting is a Unity one.

    When you switch platform to Android, your Engine: Play movie clip Action will change its UI, and inform you that the chosen clip must be placed in an asset folder named StreamingAssets.
  • Yes, I've noticed that and it asks for a path...what do I enter as the path exactly?
  • It's the same as the path parameter in Unity's Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie function.  If it's not in a subfolder beyond StreamingAssets, it should just be the filename, extension included.
  • I hate being a nuisance, Chris! I'm sorry :/

    Below is a screenshot of the current problem I have.

    I've set the path to intro_mobile.mp4 which is inside the StreamingAssets folder as you can see but it won't play. I've tried it with different formats/codecs and sizes etc but it just won't play at all.

    Am I doing this right?


    Again, these files play fine on the desktop version.

    Something I have noticed though is that the files haven't been formatted by Unity like they were on the desktop platform. Is this normal behaviour for Android builds?


    Got it working - apparently the video files don't preview in Unity but do in the Android build.

    The problem now though is when the video plays it also brings up the video player's controls (rewind, forward, play, stop etc)...Obviously this doesn't look professional in a cutscene so is there any way to disable those from appearing? 
  • No, but there should be - I'll expose the control field in the Action in the next release.
  • That's great, cheers Chris :)
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