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Create game similar to Virginia

Hi, as the title, I wanted to know if with adventure creator there is every reason to create something similar to the recent Virginia, or other first-person games with strong narrative component.
Thank you.


  • AC has it's own First Person movement mode, and can also be integrated with UFPS.  As I understand it, Virginia's interactions are generally quite basic - e.g. clicking on objects in front of you to initiate cutscenes, and this is something AC handles very easily.

    More difficult will be cases where you want to animate the camera and character's body during a cutscene, when e.g. you pick up a letter to read.  There's a few ways you can do this, such as controlling an Animator attached to the Player prefab, or by transitioning to a separate camera animation that feels like it's the same first person camera, but you can also write your own solution for that particular detail if you want something more tailored.

    This is just from a technical POV, however.  Others on this forum may well have more practical experience with building such gameplay with AC.
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