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Hotspots are not where their "Yellow Cubes" are

Hello everyone,

I am working on my first test game project with AC (which is awesome – thanks so much for making this, Chris!) and thanks to the great documentation and the tutorials, I am moving forward very quickly! 
However, I am encountering a strange problem with hotspots that I cannot seem to solve: in some scenes, hotspots are not actually exactly where they are supposed to be, according to their yellow box.

My test game setup is 3D with
- Movement: First Person -> FirstPersonPlayer (built according to the manual)
- Input Method: Touch Screen -> Turning Only

The game currently consists of two kinds of scenes: 
1. Panoramas, in which the player might pan and tilt and touch hotspots
2. Still Scenes/CloseUps, in which no camera movement is allowed and just hotspots can be touched

For these Still Scenes, I am using a SimpleCamera as Game Camera (although I have to remove the "Camera (Script)" in order to prevent panning and tilting) with projection set to "Orthographic) – which, I believe, means that there should not be any "Third Dimension" in the scene …

… but it feels as if there was, because as you can see on the screenshot attached, the really clickable areas (blue outlines, just approximations!) of the hotspots are far off the yellow boxes. 

It is as if they were "closer" to the camera.

What could be causing this?


  • Welcome to the community, @Jensen.

    I suspect that this is because of your removal of the Camera component (to clarify - you meant the AC script component and not the Unity Camera component?), as it looks like the MainCamera is not using the same "Field of view" as your SimpleCamera.

    Try reverting the SimpleCamera in your scene to bring back the component.  I'm not clear on why you needed to remove it - a SimpleCamera has no movement controls so can't pan etc by itself.
  • That was exactly it, Chris: the two different "fields of view". Thank you!

    After all I just didn't completely grasp the concept of the FP-Camera snapping to GameCameras at the beginning. But I have got it now. :-)

    Still the SimpleCamera allows me to "turn" with the controls set to "touch" in settings, but after using a standard orthographic GameCamera and changing the movement to "None" via an ActionList, everything works as desired!

    This product of yours completely rocks, Chris! :-)
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