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Multiple NavMesh Issue

I'm using AC 1.54b and Unity 5.3.4f1.

I have no issues when using 1 navmesh but in this particular scene I require 2 navmeshes. One for the player and one for the policeman who you can see in the images.

When I remove the Polygon Collider for the policeman and leave the bottom one then the player stays within his bounderies but if I enable the top polygon collider than the player still sticks within the bottom navmesh but will also walk outside of them to the upper navmesh.

Here's the 2 navmeshes:

Once in the upper navmesh the character won't leave it so it appears that the upper navmesh is working as it should.


Here's the Inspector:

Here's the player walking OUTSIDE of the navmeshes:


I'm going by what the manual says in section 2.13 at the bottom regarding adding additional polygon colliders for situations where 2 separated areas are required.

Am I doing something wrong?  


  • Having multiple 2D NavMeshes is a very new feature, but my own testing was of an identical situation so I'm not sure why it's not working for you.  Does the player always leave his area, or is it only when clicking a specific point or something?

    What does the NavMesh look like when the problem occurs?  Select the NavMesh and view it in the Scene view - it may give a clue.  Try also temporarily setting the Character evasion setting to None.

    Try switching your Settings Manager to the Demo2D_SettingsManager asset file, and run the scene.  If it still occurs, try to recreate the issue in the 2D Demo scene with the 2D Demo's Managers loaded.  Adding a second PolgyonCollider2D to the Park scene's NavMesh causes no issue for me so long as both areas are isolated from one another.
  • Changing the Character Evasion to None fixed the issue. Thanks, Chris! It'd been baffling me for a while had this!

    Thanks for creating such an amazing tool!
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