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Talking & Walking Bug?

I'm using Unity 5.3.4f1  and AC 1.54a. I'm working a 2D project.

I've noticed an issue where if a character is talking whilst walking and stops at their designated marker, the character will still walk on-the-spot until the line of dialogue he/she was saying while walking changes to the next line or ends.

Also, I've noticed that unticking 'Is Enabled?' on the Conversation dialogue options doesn't de-activate them and they still show when the conversation is triggered.


  • Please read the forum rules - much more detail is needed about both of these issues (which should also be posted in separate threads).  I apologise for the trouble, but I will need to see more information in order to solve them, in particular the animation engine / Inspector of your character, and steps to recreate both.
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    Here's the screenshots for one of the characters, although they're ALL behaving the same. I'm not sure if this is a bug in AC, which is why I didn't include this originally as I wasn't sure if it was something that could be fixed up with a quick suggestion.

    To confirm - the NPCs/Player will walk on the spot if they stop walking mid-sentence until that particular sentence is complete. Anything they say from then on in the same moment plays normally as it should.

    If you need any screenshots or additional information then please let me know.
  • Thank you - it could be because you have no Talk animation specified, but if so then it would be a bug with AC and should be fixable.  I'll look into it and will update here if I need any more info.
  • Thanks Chris. I hope you find the problem.
  • I did - expect a fix in v1.54c.
  • Excellent, thanks Chris :)
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