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Psai music engine

Anyone else using the Psai music engine?

(Full version here, free version here - I think they work the same in terms of in-game scripting)

I've created a number of custom actions for AC that I thought I'd add to the AC wiki, but before doing so, I just wanted to check if someone out there has done something really smart I haven't thought of - otherwise I'll just tidy them up a bit and upload them tomorrow.


  • Oh, this looks great, never had noticed this asset. And it's not too expensive. Maybe I'll try the free version then save up if I like it. Anyway, I can't wait to see the scripts :) and I don't think there's such a thing as having too many scripts, heh, so just go ahead and uploade them ;) .
  • Will get them up there in the very near future - I got distracted by some other code that seemed more fun at that moment - but will just upload what I have now, even if it doesn't cover everything in the API.

    Better to have something that can be refined along the way than nothing at all, I suppose. :O)
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    Here's the code:

    I combined all the actions into one - it should handle most of what you'd want to do with a Psai soundtrack from action lists in AC.

    Couldn't quite figure out how to put it on the wiki, though ... :-??
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    Hey, thanks! Goes right into my script library folder :) . Ah, and about the wikia, usually at the top of the page there will be a Contribute button, you click it, then in the drop down you click add new page. Then you just put the stuff there. In the toolbar, there should be an insert preformatted text option which can be used for code. Anyways, if you don't have the time to post it, I'll try to post it myself during the week or weekened.

    Anyway, thanks for the mega psai integration :)
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    Hi, just letting you know I've uploaded your script to the Wikia. You can see it here. You are welcome to make any changes if you don't like something, want to add a comment or update the code.

    Also, Wikia uses a proprietary code for copy/paste which is crap. You'll sometimes fail to copy from other web pages, sometimes even from the regular os clipboard. In this case it may have had to do with the text internal formatting/encoding. What worked for me was making a new notepad+ file, then save, and try to copy again. Don't know why, but it didn't work until I saved the file. I presume that it changed the formatting/encoding of the text. But who knows...
  • Cool - I'm using the code actively myself, so will update it if I run into anything that needs to be changed.
  • Great! I'm hoping to use this a it sometime this year :) Anyway, happy developing!
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