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Version 1.54: Game text wizards, community wiki



  • The script sheet is not the same as translations.  You can't edit original speech text outside of AC, but you can create a translation (which will be a copy of the original language by default), and then check Prevent original language from being used? so that the translation is treated as the default, allowing you to change the default language in a CSV.
  • thanks mate, that's perfect, I get it now. Cant wait to show you what I have achieved with AC sometime soon :) Best asset on the store.
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    just checking my csv, is there a way i can "export all translations" but only have english for now ? I only want a simple file we can edit over dropbox then reimport later, for now I dont care about secondary languages.

    Right now im seeing:


    when I want just 


    edit: im assumign u need to re-do gather text.. trying.

    edit: ah no the same, how can i export a csv with one single language ?
  • The default language will only change if the user changes it - if you hide the LanguageCycle in the Options Menu, they won't be able to.
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    Yeah, mostly I just want one CSV with English only, so we can pass it back and forth easily without confusion.
    However I fear the second version of the text will just confuse issues:

    130|Speech (Narrator)|You got a sea shell.|You got a sea shell.

    If its not already a feature I will just write a little java app to process the file the way I need, so no big deal.
  • Well, that's the thing about the new export wizard - you can omit all columns except the line IDs and translation you want to edit:

    130|You got a sea shell.
  • apologies, im way behind on versions 1.51d here, I will upgrade, sorry for wasting time :)
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    Upgraded, feels nice :-) Does it not pick up text from AC objects which are disabled? I have some mission stuff that gets turned on when needed but I realised its not turning up in my .csv when I export text.
  • No, Unity won't let them be found.  What exactly are you disabling?  AC has ways of disabling logic in-game.
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    I find it exceedingly hard to turn things on and off in AC (Id kill for a simple turn on/off action but I assume Unity itself is making that hard), I think my current solution is to use send message to a gameobject with a script to receive it, then it turns on the game objects I need (things like waves of AIs for mission levels). Also at the start of some levels I have a trigger the player falls through to start away a mission, but this is only on if that mission is going to happen (given that the game is kind of an rpg, you can go to places ordinarily and its calm, or go to places with a mission in mind where its not calm because the triggers set people off by turning them on). Im not sure what to do really, I assume I will be manually going through turning it all on each time i gather text.
  • Post a thread in Technical Q&A with more detail and I might be able to give some advice.
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