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android screen size

Hi dear!
How can i force camera 2d to fit the screen size of diferent devices which is displayong the game?


  • In your Settings Manager, you have an option named Force aspect ratio? in the "Camera settings" section.  If you check it, you'll be able to set your desired aspect ratio as a decimal.  If you then set your Game window to the same aspect ratio, you'll be able to see what everyone else will.  If someone plays your game on a device with a different aspect ratio, black borders will appear outside the camera's boundary.
  • Is there any solution that adventure creatore streches the scene instead of black bounds?
  • I don't believe Unity allows screen-stretching on mobile devices, though I'll gladly be corrected wrong.
  • I change the default value of 1.5 to 1.777 and it covers the most of devices.
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