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Container UI not working correctly

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I have been using Adventure Creator for over a year now, and love it. So Just had to give it props since this is my first post. 

This is my first time using containers and for some reason the item temporarily "jumps" into the inventory while dragging or when clicking. It looks like a temporary duplicate. If I don't properly drag it over it resets back. It definitely feels like a bug.

  • It happens when I have "drag and drop" inventory off or on (with slightly different side effects)
  • It happens with both the Unity Prefab UI and the Adventure Creator UI built-in UI
  • Confirmed happening in a blank new test project as well (3D / Point & Click Setup)

Same thing also shows up the real inventory UI as well (if I bring it up while in the container)

Am I the only one seeing this? Any suggestions?

AC v 1.53d, Unity 5.4.0p2


  • Welcome to the community, @tripclaw, and thanks for the props!

    Actually, this isn't a bug, but is instead down to how the inventory system works.  When you select an item from the Container, it's actually removed from it and placed in your Inventory - which is why it suddenly appears there.  An item can't be selected as the cursor unless it's being carried by you.

    You can get around this, however, by changing the Selected item's display option in the Settings Manager (underneath "Inventory settings") to Hide From Menu.
  • edited September 2016
    OK, thanks Chris! That does work! 

    I also just realized I can turn off "Select Item After Taking" in the ContainerItems element to make it do  single-click transfers, which is what I was ultimately after!

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