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Best puzzles on graphic adventures ?

I'm a big fan of the genre, but looking back at what made them so good I almost draw a blank.

Maybe the sam n max "use max on cat", grim fandango changing the automated response, MI insults duel and GK3 serpent rouge.

For all the great moments the genre has, most of them are just from interactions/dialogues and not really because of the "puzzles" (conversational, logical, inventory or regular "mini games").

I guess there are more, can you post some of your favourites ?


  • Ahhh grim Fandango sure had the best voice acting... but about the best puzzles... that's hard to say... most Classic adventure games come through because of the story, not so much for the puzzles. Puzzles are usually simple or an annoying obstacle to continue the story. I think with Classic games the "mystery" they setup for you to solve was what really sold the game. Course, now stuff like Action and thrill are also coming into the genre (like the wolf among or good old Fahrenheit). In some cases you could also say that the whole game is the puzzle, or the mystery or comedy. The better the story and the little puzzles are setup and scattered, the better the impression you end up keeping about the game. It's about the sum of all the parts more than the parts themselves... though there are some puzzles that are just crazy enough to make you remember them (not so much because they were too fun), which reminds me of the Beginning of Deponia 2, where the old man with his head under the guillotine gets knocked out by the invention, and you have to save him fro getting beheaded even though you are all tied up...


    It's hilarious, but what makes the puzzle good is the comedy, not the mechanics themselves.
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