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More small scenes or one large scene?

edited August 2016 in Technical Q&A
One question for the community! What do you think is better? One complete scenes with all hotspots or triggers. Or several smaller scenes? As an example: We have multiple rooms. Is it better to split into a new scene (the new room,rooms) or to be a common "large" scene where all the triggers and hotspots  are in one place?


  • Personally, I'd go with multiple smaller scenes.  They'll be easier to manage individually, and load times for each will be shorter.

    With the latest versions of AC and Unity, it's also possible to append scenes onto one another - so you can make all your rooms as individual scenes, and then load them additively in during gameplay using the Scene: Add or remove Action.  The feature hasn't been widely used so far, however, so I would recommend testing that workflow before commiting.
  • Seems to me that the many small scenes are better  for organizing layouts, hotspots, triggers. In any case, I'll try. Thank you :)
  • @ChrisIceBox About that Scene: Add action - how does the engine know where to "place" the newly loaded scene? Do we specify the world-space location, or use a marker or something? I don't actually have this planned in my game currently (in fact I never knew about it), but it sounds really great.
  • @Deckard_89: It won't affect the positioning of objects - it'll merely spawn the entire scene as-is.  If you're going to make use of it, you should have all scenes open at the same time when placing geometry down so that you know where everything is in relation to one another.
  • Ok, cheers.
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