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Revert to Idle state, Unity Complex.

How do I get my character back to idle after playing a custom animation? I've done a few transitions in Animator and they work fine, but I've realized the Animator has been getting pretty messy with all the transitions and soon it will be really hard to see what's going on in it... So perhaps there's an easier way, that wouldn't clutter it up so much?

Say, I want my character to play TakeAnim, then get back to the game. Do I really have to go through all the "if direction==1, speed>0.1 etc"  to do it? Setting IdleAnim to play as another custom animation after that doesn't seem to make my character snap out of it and she starts sliding across the room without any animation at all...


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    Sprites Unity Complex is designed to give to the designer so far as exactly what plays when - as opposed to the Sprites Unity mode which essentially does that all for you.

    However, you could try having an empty state named e.g. "IdleAfter", which can be trigged from any state and immediately transitions back to your idle animation(s).  Reverting to idle would then be a simple case of using Character: Animate to invoke the Trigger parameter.
  • Ok, I did the trigger thing. It works ;)

    Thanks again, man.
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