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How-To Update Adventure Creator (VIDEO)


I put this together for those who are attempting to update Adventure Creator for the first time and needing some help.  I'm a fan of video guides, so whenever I get stuck and wish I had a video guide, after the issue is solved, I like go back and make one for the next generation; In this case, it's "How to update Adventure Creator to the Latest Version".

Hope it helps some of you, here it is...

Also, if you're just starting out with Adventure Creator and haven't yet tried my getting started tutorial video, with scene set-up, character creation, and navigating between scenes using your own art assets, it's here...

And if you're just browsing the forums and wondering if you should switch to Adventure Creator, I have an older video for that on the top ten reasons for switching (from the popular AGS software tool) here.

Hope all of your games are going well!


  • Your "learn to use AC" video helped me get into AC a lot a few months back. Can't remember if I posted on the video itself but just so you know, many people, me included, are very grateful for this ;)

    Thanks, dude! :)
  • Thanks, Rem!  I'm glad it's getting so much use... :)

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