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How to make selected inventory item follow player?

In my game keyboard controlled game (with invisible inactive cursor) when you select an inventory item the inventory bar turns off and the item stays in the middle of the screen so you can walk around and use it on hotspots you want. But how can I make that inventory icon display above player? I'm sure I saw a setting for this somewhere before but I can't seem to find it no more... Which of the default AC menus actually deals with that part of inventory management?


  • Umm... you got me there, I'm not sure if you can do that natively. What you can do is set menus to "appear" above the character's head during specific times. But that's usually for things like interaction menus or popups or dialogue, not exactly for the inventory items. Maybe you could try to simulate it that way? have a menu to appear on interaction which shows the currently selected item's picture above the player's head? When you create some panels or image elements you will have the option to show the currently selected item's graphic. Only problem would be, that you would have the icon above the player and on the mouse pointer. And i'm not sure if that' what you intended. 
  • The inventory showing in the centre is the cursor, which you've set to become the inventory item when one is selected - you can disable this in the Cursor Manager.

    In the Menu Manager, the InventoryBox element has the property Inventory box type, which has the option Display Selected.  As the name suggests, this will show the currently-selected item, rather than a list of all being carried.  Placing this in a Menu with a Position setting of Above Player should do what you need.
  • Right, my mistake, I didn't quite recall which UI element type it was that had that capability.
  • Thanks again, guys! ;)

    Done with your help and now it looks like I intended it to.

    Good day to both of you! ;)
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