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Hotspot Issue, and other Updating troubles

Hi guys,

I've been using the same version of Adventure Creator for over a year, it seems every time I go to update, there's some kind of drama in the process, and I never have time to investigate it thoroughly so I always end up just restoring from a backup and using the older version to avoid causing problems with my game (until I have enough time to investigate...  which this week, I do, yay!) ...

I've scoured the forms and found a variety of tips for updating including this bit in the manual...


 But, I still feel like there's a box somewhere in the import list that I should be unchecking, because there's always some kind of incompatibility after the update (I've tried about 4 times).  At first it was the player settings, and curser/ menu/ dialogue settings being rewritten, and I think I have a handle on that now... But the one I can't figure out...

My hotspot interactions disappear after the update.  The interactions are still visible in the hierarchy window, but they are no longer linked to each hotspot, and the cursor type is no longer selected, etc.  Alternately, on a couple of hotspots, I have swapped out the Box Collider 2D with a polygon collider 2D (getting a warning message that it would break the hotspot prefab), but ironically those hotspots still work fine after the update... Is this something that I just have to deal with and manually re-link the interactions?  Or is it something that can be prevented during the update import?  And If I need to manually fix each hotspot this time, how can I plan ahead to never have to do that again, ever?

The boxes I unchecked in my most recent import attempt are...



Any help would be fantastic, I haven't given up on the older forum posts, still looking through them to find something that might work... In the meantime, I have restored from a backup again, incase someone knows the magic box that I need to uncheck during the import to keep all of the work on my hotspots intact.

I know this updating thing won't be a big deal for me after the first successful attempt, or this place would be flooded with these same posts... Too bad Unity won't allow for a smoother updating process where I just click a button and done without backtracking on a current project.

Still really loving Adventure Creator, thanks for all the hard work - That getting started tutorial I put out a few months ago has gotten a lot of hits and positive feedback on my YouTube page by the way, a lot of people really loving the A/C software as well.  Once I figure out the update process thoroughly, I'll make a 30 second "how to update Adventure Creator" video, for the other noobs like me getting stuck over something simple, I'm sure.




  • I don't know from which previous version you're updating from, but one important thing to be aware of is the "Upgrade notes" section of each version since in the changelog.  This section covers anything you need to be aware of when upgrading to that version - so if you've skipped several versions, there's likely a few things you need to change.

    The changing of Hotspot interactions per-update is not something that should be the case.  Are your defined Cursors still listed as they should be in the Cursor Manager?  Check that your Managers in general are assigned correctly in the Game Window.

    Please list exactly (screenshots will be helpful here) the changes that have occured.  You've written "etc" in your description, but I need to know the specifics.
  • edited June 2016

    I made a little video cast showing the things you were asking about.  Hope that helps, let me know if you have any suggestions.  I apologize, the mouse movements were not being recorded, which I didn't realize until after the video was done.  Also, it's an unlisted video, so it will only work with this link.


  • It appears that you've been modifying the original Hotpot / Trigger etc prefabs - as indicated by the fact that they appear in the asset list when you import the new version.  If you modify the root prefabs (by clicking Apply in your Inspector), then changes will be reverted when you overwrite them when updating.

    You can either detach your Hotspots etc from their originals (GameObject -> Break Prefab Instance) or by not importing the Prefabs/Logic folder.  I would recommend the latter, as it looks like you've changed more than just the Hotspot2D prefab.
  • Thank you,

    Unchecking the Prefabs/ Logic Folder during import has helped the hotspot problem.  If I ended up changed any prefabs it was unintentional on my part... The art/ graphics are my strong suite, still trying to feel more confident with the programming.

    A new problem after updating, I noticed the scale and layer order of my character doesn't seem to be correct through various scenes...  It's like she's too big or too small depending on the resolution of the backgrounds art assets... and she doesn't seem to scale at all.  I checked to make sure the default sorting map was still assigned in the scene, it was.  I didn't notice in the few scenes I was working on, since the graphics were pretty much right at the correct 100% scale for my character... and she didn't need to scale larger or smaller in those scenes.  But, upon investigating other scenes I discovered the scaling issue.

    Also, some camera positions seemed to have changed...  They seem to be too close cutting off access to certain hotspot areas, or not in the original x/y position... Not sure the exact problem with the camera, I just know various hotspots or triggers I had access to within a certain camera views were now out of frame on multiple scenes.  It was not a hot spot problem, as I adjusted the camera positions and size and could access the original hotspots/ triggers without any trouble after changing the camera.

    Do you have another box I can uncheck in the import that will help with the camera and character scaling issues?  I did reload my managers after the import (as a side-note).

    Thank you very much for your time.

  • I'll need to see a similar video or screenshots to properly understand the scaling issue, but you could try not importing any of the Prefab folders (except those that are marked as "New" in the import window).
  • I found a sorting map prefab and unchecked this time, and it fixed the layer/ scaling issue!  It seems the problem was the sorting map not being used by the game for whatever reason.  I am still having trouble with the camera problem though... I unchecked a camera 2D prefab, but still noticing the framing is different... I'll try a few more things -- unless you have some additional suggestions.  Thanks for the suggestion on not importing any of the prefab folders except for the "new" ones.  I may end up doing that.  Thank goodness for backups.

  • Okay, the camera thing is like a reverse issue... I was having an issue with it before that I didn't realize, and it was corrected in the update... The camera that was cutting off the hotspots was actually cutting them of in it's defined position in the scene editor... However, when the game was in preview mode... the camera was being rendered in an incorrect position (which was actually in a better position NOT cutting off the hotspot, thus the reason I didn't notice the issue), after the update, the camera now renders in the correct position (as in the position it is actually defined in) thus causing it to cutoff the hotspot as defined in the scene editor... So, I'll manually fix that one, since having accurate camera position renderings is more important than having a consistent inaccurate rendering.

    SOLVED - Thanks so much!  :)  With all the restoring from backups and reimporting I feel like I'm an updating expert now.  Lol.  The next update I'll make a quickie video on the updating process to help other newcomers.

    Thanks again,
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