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Version 1.52: New demo, scene additivity and fixes

This update doubles-down on bugfixing and polish, but still has a few notable additions - here they are:

Updated demo game
The original 3D demo game has been largely unchanged since the initial release of AC over two years ago, so this update gives it a bit of a makeover.  As well as incorporating new graphics, the way the game works behind the scenes has also been updated - the biggest being that the bulk of the animations are now Mecanim-based.  This greatly simplifies the "On Load" Cutscene, since the RememberAnimator components automate much of the animation re-setting now.  Recent features like the new music system are also incorporated, but the gameplay itself is unchanged.  Still, it's now a better representation of how AC should be used.

Scene additivity
The new 'Scene: Add or remove' Action allows you to add scenes mid-game without closing the existing one.  Theoretically, this *should* allow for open-world games, however I'd like to downplay that particular feature until its been given a spin.  It does come with some slight caveats, in that you can't use 'local' Player prefabs (i.e. those within the scene file), and new scene has to be an 'AC' scene.  Because of this addition, AC now requires that you use Unity 5.3.4 or later (Unity 4 support is still present for the moment, however).

API references
Writing a script that needs to read or write a particular setting in any of the Managers?  Right-clicking that setting's label will allow you to copy a script reference to it into the text buffer.  This works for just about all Manager fields - from options in the Settings Manager, to Inventory item properties.


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    And the full changelog:

    Update notes
    • Unity 5.3.4 is now the minimum version of Unity 5 required - please update your version of Unity before updating Adventure Creator
    • Touch Screen input now has a 'Trigger interaction by releasing tap?' option - this was previously hidden and enabled, so check it to recreate previous behaviour
    Demo game
    • Added: Updated 3D Demo game - new graphics and techniques that make use of more recent features
    Scene mangement
    • Added: 'Scene: Add or remove' Action - use to loading scenes additively during gameplay
    • Added: The 'Scene: Check' Action now accepts parameters
    • Changed: The 'Engine: Change scene’, 'Engine: Check scene’ and ‘Engine: Change scene settings’ Actions are now named 'Scene: Switch', 'Scene: Check' and 'Scene: Change setting' respectively
    • Added: Events that can be called when options are changed
    • Added: Events that can be called before and after a scene change
    • Added: Event that can be called whenever the cursor hovers over a Menu or Menu Element
    • Added: Event that can be called whenever a Hotspot is double-clicked
    • Added: Functions to PlayerMenus that open all Interaction Menus automatically linked to a given Hotspot or Inventory item
    • Added: Ability to set the 'Depth of field' value for Third Person GameCameras
    • Fixed: Error messages appearing when a 2D Drag camera is active while the game is paused
    • Fixed: Issue with 'Camera: Switch' Action
    • Fixed: Tagging issue with MainCameraVR prefab
    • Added: Ability to show Conversation dialogue options only when a specific inventory item is carried
    • Added: Ability to associate a prefab with an Inventory Item, which can be referenced through scripting
    • Added: Option to allow Inventory interactions while a Conversation is active
    • Added: Script references to Manager fields can be stored in the copy buffer by right-clicking
    • Added: Ability to sort lines listed in the Speech Manager by ID number or description
    • Added: 'Locate source' button to Speech Manager line entries - click to show the ActionList that it comes from
    • Fixed: Text fields in Inventory, Speech and Variable Managers not being deselected when editing a different field
    • Added: Button, Toggle, Slider, Input and Cycle menu elements linked to Unity UI can have their interactivity disabled when made invisible
    • Fixed: Issue with Unity UI-based Interaction icons not selecting when using Keyboard Or Controller input
    Touch-screen input
    • Changed: Touch Screen input now has a 'Trigger interaction by releasing tap?' option - this was previously hidden and enabled
    • Fixed: Various issues with Interaction menus on touch-screen devices
    • Fixed: Rare but critical issue involving Actions re-wiring themselves in Unity 5.3
    • Fixed: Crash if a looping skippable ActionList is skipped
    • Added: The 'Object: Animate' Action’s transition time can now be set with a float parameter
    • Added: Ability to define a minimum time that speech text must be displayed before it can be skipped
    • Added: ActionList or ManagerPackage asset files are now pinged in the Project window when created
    • Added: Option to do nothing when a Hotspot is double-clicked
    • Fixed: Issue when switching Player prefab when interacting with a Trigger
    • Fixed: Issue with 'Variable: Assign preset' Action
    • Fixed: Memory leak when using animated Software cursors
    • Fixed: Various save game issues
    • Fixed: Various minor issues
  • Hey, great stuff! I'm specially interested in the Scene additivity feature. You think we can pull off battle just like in some JRPGs? where you can have a screen effect and then load another scene on top which contains the battleground, like in final fantasy?
  • AC has always been intended for non-combat traditional adventures, not JRPGs - so any combat gameplay will have to be added separately.  A screen transition from one scene to another would also have to be done separately - but so far as the scene management goes (Scene A -> Scenes B+C), yes that should be possible.
  • API references =P~
  • Added: Ability to set the 'Depth of field' value for Third Person GameCameras


  • Yes, Chris, the transition screen effect is not what I care about anyways, what I meant was if we could do the same as in those games, where you can open a second scene, do your stuff and then go back to the previous scene which remains the same way you left it ;). Honestly. I've never been a fan of the screen effect they use before opening battle scenes. And yes, I'm aware that if I plan to add "battle" of some sort, I'd had to add that functionality myself  :-j
  • Nice update \m/
  • Thank you!!!! :))
  • Thanks Chris for this release . Please change 2D demo too . Make it for 2 scene at least. And if you don't mind make some special effect for it like mirror reflection and more.I'm not good programmer and Only works with your engine in Unity without coding.

    Thanks so much
  • Love the updates, they will be dead handy :)

    Not sure I like Brain's new face though. Its a bit terrifying :P
  • mecanim animation is good.
  • Hi Chris - just realised AC's been updated - do we know the changes?
  • Version 1.52a:
    • Added: “Evasion accuracy” setting to 2D NavMeshes - use to control the accuracy of character evasion
    • Added: “Evasion y-scale” setting to 2D NavMeshes - use to re-shape character evasion polygons
    • Added: Warning message if character evasion is enabled on a 2D NavMesh with non-unit scale, as this is not allowed
    • Added: Ability with Touch Screen games to close Interaction Menus by tapping another Hotspot (on by default)
    • Added: Option to “Engine: Manage systems” Action to control gameplay Menus if the Input method is set to Keyboard Or Controller
    • Added: If the “Scene: Change setting” Action is used to change the NavMesh, characters currently pathfinding are updated
    • Fixed: Remember scripts placed on Player prefab not loading properly in Unity 5.3 or newer
    • Fixed: Follow Sorting Map component’s “Edit-mode preview” option causing sprites to disappear if the Sorting Map doesn’t affect scale
    • Fixed: Issue when using loading screens that don’t contain a GameEngine prefab
    • Fixed: Game not running if a Legacy animation Character is assigned Mecanim animation clips
    • Fixed: Rare issue when displaying narration and speech text in separate Menus in succession
    • Fixed: Collision issue when moving 2D Players under Direct control
    • Fixed: Game crashing when switching from a Player prefab that makes use of a Character Controller
    • Fixed: Speech tags not always being registered if the scroll speed is too high
    • Fixed: Minor issues related to exporting and importing of game text
    • Fixed: Minor issue with Interaction menus on touch-screen devices
  • Added: Option to “Engine: Manage systems” Action to control gameplay Menus if the Input method is set to Keyboard Or Controller. I though Keyboard/Controller could already navigate menus - why would you use Engine: Manage Systems?
  • @Deckard_89: Normally, Menus can only be navigated using a keyboard/controller (up/down/select etc) if the game is paused.

    This option allows you to do so during gameplay.  It's in the Engine: Manage systems Action because you'll likely want to disable player movement/interactions at the same time to prevent confusion.
  • @ChrisIceBox: Got it. Thanks Chris.
  • Hey Chris, I just upgraded from 1.51f, and there seems to be a hiccup with the motion controller integration; my character still faces the right directions and his walking animations trigger, but he's not moving.
  • @hedgefield: Details are too thin for me to offer any advice - post a new thread in Technical Q&A with all the relevent info.
  • "Fixed: Collision issue when moving 2D Players under Direct control" - is this a fix for the problem I had with my player character bumping off collision cubes? ;)
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