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12 Direction and True type question


Is it possible 12 direction in 2D game?

Another question : I want type Persian language (Farsi) and it's right to left.
Can AC support it and embed that font into the game? 



  • You can have as many directions as you like if you use Sprites Unity Complex as your animation engine, as you can set a Mecanim parameter to be the angle at which your character faces.  You can read more about this option in Section 3.9 of the Manual.

    If a translation is named "Arabic", then text will be displayed right-to-left.  AC relies on Unity's GUI / UI systems to display fonts, so whether or not AC can support it will be down to Unity.
  • Thanks Chris
    And 'turn before walking' is will be handle by 12 direction too?
  • Yes, it should be.
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