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Options Menu: Graphics

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Hello, this may be out of the range of your content here, but is there any specific way we can go about adding graphics options to the setting menu.

Simple things such as accessing screen size, effects such as MSAA/Motion blur/Bloom/etc, fullscreen/windowed, brightness, unity quality settings.

Id assume we can wire these things into the AC options menu via "Element Type--->Toggle--->Type--->Custom Script",  but cannot figure out how or what to put into the script.

**ALSO** Is there an action in AC that will allow for "waiting" while running in background, such as "play sound/wait 10 sec/close door"?



  • You'll need to do some custom coding for this, because the exact options needed will obviously vary from game to game.  But you can integrate things with the Options menu by way of Global Variables.

    For example, Bloom would be controlled by a boolean.  Create a boolean as a Global Variable, and set it's Link to field as Options Data.  This will cause it's value to be stored in options data, not saved game data, so that loading one game file from another won't change it.

    Then, you can control that Variable from a custom Toggle menu element.  Create a Toggle, set it's Toggle type to Variable, and enter the ID number of the Bloom boolean.  (The ID is the number to the left of the colon in the Variables Manager)

    Now you have an Options menu that changes the state of your "Bloom" variable.  You can then use a custom script to read this value and act accordingly.  In script, you can get the value of this variable by again referencing it's ID number:

    GlobalVariables.GetBooleanValue (2);

    will return True or False for Variable #2.

  • As for waiting in the background, you have to run a separate Cutscene or ActionList asset that's set to Run In Background.  Pause actions inside such a list will become "wait" actions - after it, you can either run more Actions in the background, or run a new ActionList that's blocking.

  • If I understood what u mean I can suggest to u the method I used. I have a simple script attached to the main camera with 2 functions ( "turnoneffects" and "turnofeffects" ) . Then depends on the menu clicked I run an action list which turnon the effects attached to the main camera. Keep in mind that if u use this method u have to attach a constant id script id to the main camera cause u need it when u want to reach the main camera from the menu action list. I hope this will be helpfull!
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