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Actionlist and Conversation Editors... delete, copy and other things

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Maybe I'm a bit clumsy with interfaces hehe but... I've missed a few functions from the Actionlist and Conversation editor windows...
  •  Every action from the inspector has the gear button with contextual actions like, disable delete copy and so on. That would be useful on the editor window, to be able to delete or disable actions from there... maybe using the same button or a contextual popup from the mouse's 2ºbtn.
  •  If an action is disabled you can't know it in the action editor, as its name doesn't update with the string "DISABLED" like in the inspector.
  •  You can select actions using a box or with 2ºbtn select all... and the selected actions go green (a bit too much saturated in my opinion :P).. but you can't do anything with the action selected. It's just green... Can we select various actions and copy, cut or delete them?
  •  Also if there is various actions selected and move one around, every one should move the same (like if you select various icons from a desktop and move them)...
  •  If you click an action it get the "focus", something like it is selected... but not green selected... just selected :P
  •  It would be cool to be able to collapse and expand the actions like in the inspector
  •  The actionlist window permits zoom in and out (great! I tried on my own editor and couln't do it!!)... but when zooming out every combo popup appears far away (the offset position seems wrong). Maybe if zooming out it could autocollapse the actions to ease reading
About Conversation Editor...
  •  Good! there is a "-" button to delete branches :)
  •  Is there any way to change the display language string? So I can read the conversation in other languages?
  •  And one little non-issue at all thing :P ... If you open a conversation, then select another, and delete it from the Hierarchy... it reopens the first conversation as it was the last opened (good) but it launchs an error, surely when trying to put the button for the now "last conversation" that we just deleted.
As always Chris, thank you very much and great great work here...


  • I'll look into incorporating some of these suggestions, thanks.  Though many of the ActionList features are already there: you just need to right-click in "empty space", not the Action itself.  Select Action(s), then right-click on empty space to manipulate them.

    The "quirks" of the editor are generally down to Unity - not being able to right-click on an Action window, and not being able to "green-select" actions by clicking on them normally, being two examples.  Ideal workflow has had to take a little bit of a backseat to getting the functionality working at all.
  • edited July 2014
    Thank you Chris!

    Take them just as suggestions though... I tried to make my own windows editor without too much success hehe (and there is so little info about it on Unity forums). Unity editors are a hell to write and I'm quite impressed with what you have done, both editors are very very useful :)
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