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Bug: wrong cursor on first mouse-over for 'Use' interaction

I think I've found a small bug regarding cursors in context sensitive mode with the 'Change cursor based on Interaction' option enabled in the Cursor menu.

If there's a 'Use' interaction on a hotspot and the cursor has been set to "Talk to', the 'Use' cursor is still used the very first time the cursor is over the hotspot - but apparently only if an 'Examine' interaction is also defined.

The correct cursor is used on subsequent mouse-overs.

Reproduced in a fresh project using the latest Unity and AC versions.


  • I cannot recreate this - adding an Examine interaction to e.g. the Canvas in the Basement scene (Demo managers loaded) causes no such problem.  Can you provide steps to reproduce it in the demo scene?
  • - fresh Unity project
    - import AC 1.50i
    - load 3D demo managers
    - load basement scene
    - change cursor to "Talk to" for the "Use" interaction on "Canvas" hotspot
    - add an "Examine" interaction to "Canvas" hotspot
    - switch cursor rendering to "Hardware" (possibly the missing step in the orignal description - this also requires changing the import settings for pointer.png to "cursor", btw.)

    With these changes the "Look at" cursor is used instead of the "Talk to" cursor on the very first mouse-over on the "Canvas" hotspot, but the interaction text is "Talk to Canvas".

  • The plot thickens: for this to happen, the "When Use and Examine interactions are both available" setting must be "Display Both Side By Side" - but this is hidden when using hardware cursors.
  • That was it, thanks.
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