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Converting an existing project to use AC?

Sorry for the newbie question, probably it's pretty straightforward for many of you, but I would need help "converting" my existing Unity project to use Adventure Creator Stuff.
Currently I have an FPS like game setup, using RigidBodyFPSController as contorlling the player, using a Capsule Collider.

I would like add AC stuff to this project so that I could leverage all the functions and features it offers. I would probably still would like to have an FPS control, selecting hotspots in FPS mode, etc..

How to do this?
I tried the new Game Wizard and also the character wizard, but after about an hour of fiddling various things I still had 3 issues:

1. In the AC Game Editor, in the Settings manager, I could not select the Player Prefab (under Character Settings). The Player prefab was created, was tagged, scripts were added, but still nothing.

2. Error in the log:
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
AC.MultiSceneChecker.Awake () (at C:/Users/Regi es Bence/Documents/PaganT2/Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Game engine/MultiSceneChecker.cs:26)

3. I could not move around at all or even the mouse movements where not working. No errors in the log. The key presses were detected, as for example the flashlight switch key was working, but nothing else for navigation.

Maybe it would be easier if someone could describe it step by step from sratch, so that I don't screw up something...

Mind you, I am also quite a rookie in Unity too, so please try to be as explicit as possible. :)

Using the latest version from both AC and Unity...

Many thanks!


  • Ok, I think I got it. :) Created a completly new project and copied over the stuff I needed. Now things started to work. 
  • Glad to hear it.  One thing to note about the Player prefab field - you'll have to manually drag the prefab file into the field, it won't show up in a drop-down list when you click the circle to the right of it.
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