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New Adventure Creator 2D Tutorial

Hi guys,

Since doing my "AGS to Adventure Creator: Top 10 reasons for switching" video, I've had some requests to do a tutorial for setting up a scene, character, and navigation between scenes tutorial for Adventure Creator with AGS switchers in mind...

It's not nearly as in-depth as Chris Burton's tutorial and covers plenty of the same ground, though I think it might have it's own usefulness as I take more time on certain things, and less time on others to help people ease with the transition of learning something "new"...

I remember first starting out how hard of a transition it was for me to switch gears to Adventure Creator, so hopefully this tutorial won't be quite so overwhelming for AGS switchers (albeit not as thorough and informative as Chris' awesome 2D tutorial) - I'm thinking this is more of a "Okay, I'm done making the demo game, now how can I get my own assets in there?" tutorial.

It's still pretty long, hope you enjoy... Feel free to share with anyone you know who may be having a rough transition.

- Isaac


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    This is great, @zeek!  Kudos for doing a non-stop video, personally I couldn't speak for more than 10 minutes at a time without making a mistake.
  • Thanks, Chris!  As for the talking non-stop, that part is easy for me as I'm a public-school instructor for my day job (visual arts teacher), for the no-mistakes part, that was the magic of editing!  I cut out all the dead-time while I tried to recall correct terms and processes during the post-production... also I've spent most of my evenings this week making an outline for the video, and running through the steps over and over to try and make it a nice and smooth experience for new comers... I had forgotten a lot!  I went back to the manual a lot, especially for the character set-up.  :)
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    Seeing you work's given me a few ideas for a few small improvements, too.  The new Character Wizard does make the process of character creation a lot easier - you should update to v1.50! :)
  • I completely forgot there was a new version out!  I need to visit the forums more often...
  • Will there be new lessons?
  • An update video was recently made, available here.

    The video tutorials are designed to serve as an introduction for AC, while text tutorials are more frequently made - is there a topic you're looking for?
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