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[Bug] three little things I noticed in 1.50g

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Hey there, I've been working in 1.50g for a bit and I noticed three things just now:

1. if you have the subtitles set to scroll (so they appear one letter at a time), and you put rich text tags in the play speech action (like <i>hi there.</i>), then it doesn't apply the effect until the closing tag has been 'read'.

2. I wanted to use the Object: Call Event action to turn on a piece of set geometry (GameObject.SetActive property to true), but whenever I click away from the actionlist in the scene hierarchy to some other gameobject, and then come back to the actionlist, the checkmark has reset, a.k.a. the object will always stay disabled. I also tried it with a different property (BoxCollider.enabled) but it did the same thing, the checkmark gets cleared each time the actionlist loses focus.

3. this one isn't specific to 1.50 I don't think, but I noticed if you're using the direct control method with hotspot vicinity detection, then if you have two hotspots in the same place, and you deactivate the first one and then enable the second one, the second one doesn't get 'detected' until the player walks out of the collision box and back in again.


  • 1. This is something that I will be attempting to add in the future.

    2. Currently, parameters cannot be passed using events in custom Inspectors.  I am not sure if this is a Unity issue, as they haven't yet made available the code to display a custom event Inspector at all.  Hopefully they will remedy this in the future, but in the meantime you can still use Object: Send message to pass parameters.

    3. The Player Vicinity option depends on how Unity's Triggers work.  If a Trigger doesn't detect a GameObject that is enabled, then I don't think there's much we can do about it, unfortunately.
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    1. Awesome. It's more of a stylistic choice than anything else so I'm fine not using the scroll in this case. :)

    2. Oh weird, I didn't know Unity was particular about what kind of inspector you run something from. I'm using Send Message now and it is indeed working perfectly. The reason I tried the Call Event thing is because if an object is disabled when the scene starts, then the Send Message action can't find it. I knew code can't find disabled objects (unless you save a reference to it first), but I thought maybe the action could. But I fixed that by instead turning off the object in the scene's intro cutscene.

    3. Okay, maybe that's another one of Unity's weird quirks then. I looked at the hotspot detector code and I saw that there is an OnTriggerStay in there, so technically it should work.. but I managed to work around it by making the second hotspot slightly wider, so when the player's collider leaves hotspot 1 it will still trigger hotspot 2.
  • @hedgefield

    On point 2 I had the exact same issue so I just created a simple script which would turn the collider of the gameobject the script was attached to on/off and then call the event on the script to call the function rather than calling the event on the collider itself. Sounds like you've found a work around however worth noting possibly in the future.

    I'm very new to Unity, AC and programming in general so my solution may not be the best way of doing things and could be the wrong way of going about it however it worked perfectly for me.
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