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Version 1.50 - Improved navigation, UFPS support and multi-scene editing

So, bang in the middle of the holidays, and here's v1.50.  This brings improvements major and minor to a lot of areas, but also changes the way the UFPS and Ouya integrations are handled.  Pay particular attention to the Upgrade notes with this one, below as usual.  First though, a round-up of the major features:

Improved UFPS integration
With UFPS ever-evolving, and the scope of games being made with it ever-increasing, it's clear that a "one size fits all" integration with AC isn't so practical anymore.  The focus is now on providing a stable "base" integration that links UFPS with AC's core Actions/features etc, which can be extended by the user for specific needs.  The Manual and tutorial have been updated with the new (much simplified) workflow.

Unity 5.3 compatibility
AC now supports Unity's multi-scene editing features!  The Scene and Variables Managers will now refer to the active scene if multiple are open at once. Be mindful, however, that a bug with Unity 5.3 prevents Actions from being re-coloured in the ActionList Editor window.

Auto-tag save scripts
I don't know if people will love this, or hate it because of the effort they've already gone to, but you can now have AC go through your game and add what it believes are the correct "Remember" scripts to your GameObjects - essentially automating the save-game process.  It's still recommended, however, to be aware of the way the save system works, in case you ever need to add these scripts manually.

Improved navigation
A number of improvements to movement and navigation have been made all-round, not least considerable efforts to remove the dreaded "spinning effect".  2D characters can now walk around each other, and scenes that involve Unity-baked NavMeshes can now rely on NavMeshAgents for movement if you prefer - just add the new NavMeshAgentIntegration script to a character.  As with the UFPS integration above, this script is isolated from the rest of AC, meaning it can be modified to suit your needs.

Per-character Sorting Maps
This is a feature that seemed to arrive far too late as I was developing it: you can now assign a different SortingMap to each 2D character in a scene (the one you assign in the Scene Manager is still the default).  If you want to change it mid-game, use the Character: Change rendering Action.

Full changelog below:


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    Upgrade notes
    • The GameEngine prefab now has an additional component - “MultiSceneChecker”, and MUST be re-imported when updating
    • AC’s UFPS integration has been updated, but the set-up steps have changed - please see Section 2.7 of the Manual
    • AC’s OUYA integration has been updated, but the set-up steps have changed - please see Section 2.10 of the Manual
    • Custom navigation scripts are now set by setting a scene’s “Pathfinding method” to “Custom”, and entering in the name of the script
    • If dialogue text is separated by carriage returns, each line is now given it’s own translation ID in the Speech Manager
    • Pitch constraints on Third-person GameCameras are now set with both minimum and maximum values - not just a maximum
    • 2D character turning speeds may need to be adjusted slightly after upgrading
    Unity 5.3
    • Added: Compatibility with Unity 5.3
    • Added: The main AC Game Editor window now respects the active scene, if multiple are being edited at once (Unity 5.3 only)
    • Changed: AC’s UFPS integration has been overhauled, but the set-up steps have changed - please see Section 2.7 of the Manual
    • Changed: AC’s OUYA integration has been updated, but the set-up steps have changed - please see Section 2.10 of the Manual
    • Added: “NavMeshAgent Integration” script - add to a character in a scene that uses Unity Navigation to control that character’s movement with a NavMeshAgent
    • Added: Ability for 2D NavMeshes to allow for pathfinding around moving characters
    • Added: Option to “Character: NPC follow” Action to have the NPC turn to face its target when idle
    • Added: Chapter to the Manual on precise character movement
    • Changed: The “Attempt to move around characters” checkbox on 2D NavMeshes has been replaced with a drop-down list
    • Fixed: Various issues with character movement, particularly those in 3D
    • Fixed: Polygon Collider-based NavMeshes not adding holes in the correct place if the NavMesh has a non-unit scale
    • Fixed: Node Cutscenes becoming improperly assigned if a Path’s nodes are modified
    Sorting Maps
    • Added: The “Character: Change rendering” Action can now be used to change which SortingMap a character follows
    • Added: FollowSortingMap components can now follow SortingMaps that are not the scene’s default
    • Changed: The “Follow Sorting map?” option on the FollowSortingMap component has been changed to “Follow default Sorting Map?”
    • Fixed: 2D characters occasionally being rendered in the wrong order
    Speech and translations
    • Added: Non-default Player prefabs can be assigned in the “Dialogue: Play speech” Action manually, so that their name appears in the Speech Manager
    • Added: Ability to assign custom speech AudioClips and lipsync text files to a speech line, rather than having it read automatically by name
    • Added: If a Sound component is added to a character’s speech audio source, then it can be used to set the relative volume of their speech
    • Changed: If dialogue text is separated by carriage returns, each line is now given it’s own translation ID in the Speech Manager
    • Fixed: Unhandled Hotspot interactions not always being included in translations
    • Fixed: Original text of a translatable line not showing in Speech Manager once it is selected
    • Fixed: Rare issue when skipping speech text
    • Fixed: Display issue with subtitle “speaker” Labels if narration and character speech is played in succession
    • Fixed: Issues when skipping speech that contains [wait] tokens
    Saving and loading
    • Added: Ability to let AC attempt to “auto-tag” GameObjects with appropriate ‘Remember’ scripts needed for saving to function
    • Added: Option to always force-reload the scene when loading a save file in the same scene
    • Fixed: Issues when loading a saved game that include a RememberTransform component that has been removed from the scene
    • Fixed: Constant ID numbers always not being set for prefabs that have multiple “Remember” components
    • Fixed: Issues with save files for projects that have no Player prefab
    • Added: Ability to convert ActionList assets to Cutscenes, via the top-right menu in the Inspector
    • Added: Ability to convert scene-based ActionLists to ActionList assets, via the top-right menu in the Inspector
    • Added: String parameters now support Variable and custom tokens
    • Added: Field to the Actions Manager that controls the panning or zooming speed when using the ActionList Editor window
    • Fixed: ActionList fields sometimes appearing empty under specific circumstances
    • Fixed: Issues when copying scene-based Actions using the ActionList Editor window
    • Fixed: Action fields sometimes unsetting if they refer to a prefab that is also in a scene
    Custom scripting
    • Added: New delegates to the PlayerInput script to override mouse input detection
    • Added: Character “Motion control” setting is now exposed even if the Animation engine isn’t set to Custom, so that it can be overridden independently
    • Changed: Custom navigation scripts are now set by setting a scene’s “Pathfinding method” to “Custom”, and entering in the name of the script
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    • Changed: The Actions Manager now display a list of Action categories as buttons - clicking a button expands it to show a list of Actions for that type
    • Fixed: Error when using the “Object: Add or remove” Action to replace one GameObject with another
    • Fixed: Errors if a 2D NPC is removed from the scene using the “Object: Add or remove” Action
    • Added: “GameCamera 2D Drag” prefab to Unity2D games - moves by clicking/touch-dragging around the screen
    • Added: If AC detects a non-standard MainCamera when creating a new scene, it will ask you if it should replace it or simply untag it
    • Added: The “Always behind target?” option for Third-person GameCameras is now also available when spin rotation is Limited, not just Locked
    • Added: Option to crossfade to the last-active gameplay camera with the “Camera: Crossfade” Action
    • Changed: Pitch constraints on Third-person GameCameras are now set with both minimum and maximum values - not just a maximum
    • Fixed: Third-person Cameras set to rotate “Always behind target” not doing so during Cutscenes
    • Added: Ability to use a Journal element to display another Journal’s contents with a page offset
    • Added: Ability to set the number of pages to offset by when using a Button element to offset a Journal’s page
    • Added: Ability to only display a Button that offsets a Journal’s page if clicking it will be effective
    • Fixed: Line-break issues when exporting translations with multi-line Journal elements
    Quick-time events
    • Added: The “Wrong key fails?” option in QTE sequences now responds to simulated input
    • Fixed: Mouse clicks ending QTE sequences that have “Wrong key fails?” checked
    • Fixed: Display issues with Timer Menu Elements that are used to display the time remaining of a QTE
    • Fixed: Rare display issues with Menus when using a Button to offset another Element
    • Fixed: Menu previews showing in Game Window even when the active Manager is not the Menu Manager
    • Fixed: Minor issues with Interaction Menus
    • Fixed: Minor issues when clicking on Unity UI-based Menu Elements
    Scene editing
    • Added: If a prefab is auto-created using the Scene Manager, that object is now highlighted in the Hierarchy window
    • Fixed: Hotspots, Triggers and CollisionCube boundaries not displaying properly if their colliders are resized
    • Fixed: Hotspot icons rendered in World Space not fading out correctly
    • Fixed: Hotspot verbs not showing in rare circumstances
    • Fixed: Player not always moving to within a Hotspot’s Proximity value if a Walk-To Marker is also defined
    Player prefabs
    • Fixed: Inventory occasionally re-setting when leaving a scene that uses a local Player prefab
    • Fixed: Errors when switching Player prefab if multiple GameObjects tagged as “Player” are present in the scene
    • Added: Error messages to Console if either of the demo scenes are run with the incorrect Managers loaded
    • Added: Line breaks to console messages, to improve readability
    • Added: Messages sent to the Console using the “ActionList: Comment” Action now support Variable and custom tokens
    • Added: Double-clicking on a Manager Package asset file will now bulk-assign all Managers it references
    • Added: If a character’s head is turned using the “Character: Face object” Action, then moving the object they face will also turn the character’s head
    • Changed: The GameEngine prefab now has an additional component - “MultiSceneChecker”
    • Fixed: Character scales set for 3D characters with “Character: Rendering” Action not being in percentages
    • Fixed: Further issues when switching from an AC scene to a non-AC scene
    • Fixed: RememberMoveable component not always restoring a Draggable’s position when loading a save file
    Happy New Year!
  • Awesome! Just when I finally have some time to get back to AC :-) Thanks Chris. As every 3 months the new Unity Beta (5.4) is out so will contact you directly with the needed adjustments.
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    Thanks Chris!  I was highly anticipating this update.

  • edited December 2015
    • Added: If a Sound component is added to a character’s speech audio source, then it can be used to set the relative volume of their speech
  • edited December 2015
    Yes, sorry I noticed it after, and re-edited my op :), You are super fast to spot it though .

    And a Happy New Year to you too Chris and to you all guys!
  • Due to the way speech has changed so all carriage returns have a new number. We can no longer update AC. 

    Well, we could, but since the game currently has 3 thousand lies of dialogue all set; updating moves all these files out.  I.E. wrong lines of text are set to the wrong numbered sound files.

    We could go back through all these sound files and rename them, but that's not a small task. Probably would take one of us a week. 

    The rest updated flawlessly.

    I'm not complaining, i would rather you AC keep updating :)
    Just putting this out there for other people who are already deep down into dev.
  • edited December 2015
    Random crashes when using Character: move to point and Object: transform actions.
    Used to be fine. My Objects would move to a marker and change the scale at the same time.
  • @klarax: An unfortunate scenario, but the change had to be made.  I'm sure there's a way we can work around it, however.  I wonder if temporarily unchecking Treat carriage returns as separate speech lines before gathering your game's text would get around the problem.

    @SkyTree: Can't see the image - please give as much detail as you can in a separate thread.
  • Still can not adjust Speech volume in the game options.
    There is no speech in drop down Sound type, only SFX, Musix and Other. Setting to Other doesn't change anything.

    Also I noticed this warning regarding Music, SFX, Speech atten.d parameters. What do they do by the way?

  • @SkyTree: Again, please post issues in new threads.  I can't see your second image.  I wasn't aware you were using AudioMixerGroups for your sound volumes.  The change will work if you're using regular AudioSources, but if your using Groups it would probably be wiser to instead rely on a speech sub-group to control your audio volume.  I'll look into it.
  • edited December 2015
    Right click on the image and  view image or open in a new window/tab to see it in full size if you are using firefox.

    Changing to AudioSources doesn't change it either. It's still you have to set it either to SFX or Music and thus if you want to change the volume you'd also change the SFX or Music, there is no separate Speech.
  • edited December 2015
    Regarding those crashes when you use Charater: move to point.
     It looks like now you must set Deceleration value Greater or Equal than your Acceleration  to your Player script component in Movement settings. Also you must have Multiple Directions checked.

    No, still doesn't work :(
  • There is no link for me - just the word "Image".  Please post a link instead.

    I never said there was Speech - you have to set it to Other, and then it'll obey the Relative volume property.

    Making the movment changes you describe to the 2D Demo's Brain2D prefab has no effect.  Again, please post *full* details in a separate thread.  I'm here to fix it, but can't if I don't know exactly what's going on.
  • edited December 2015
    Sorry I forgot to mention that I tried to set it to Other still no effect. When it's set to Other the volume is by default none changable in the game options. And by the Other you mean the Sound's script component Sound type right?

    I'll Start a new thread about Character: move to point.
  • I think you're misunderstanding.  When you add a Sound script beside a character's speech AudioSource and set it to Other, then the final sound volume will still be controlled by the Speech volume in Options, but the "Relative volume" will also be accounted for.
  • edited December 2015
    That's what I did, still can't control the volume of the speech. Can you post a picture of a character with sound comonenet and audio source. All those masters, groups, sounds, others etc make my head dizzy...
  • @SkyTree: Never mind - you're right, there is a bug.  I'll have it fixed for v1.50a, along with it also working for Mixer Groups.  The workflow for adding this feature for the 2D Demo's Brain NPC is (or should be, at least) a simple matter of adding the Sound component to the root, setting the Sound type to Other, and using the Relative volume slider.
  • And I thought I was going crazy :DD
    Thanks for looking into it.
  • Version 1.50a
    • Fixed: Rare issue with Inventory items and Hotspot labels
    • Fixed: Issues with speech volumes controlled by Sound components
    • Fixed: Rare error when moving 2D characters with the “Character: Move to point” Action
    • Fixed: Movement issues when changing scene in First Person
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