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Mixamo FUSE + Adventure Creator questions

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Hi all!

We recently became a Mixamo All-Access customer and have started creating characters in their FUSE tool, setup the auto rigger, applied the Locomotion Set of animations, and then pulled it all into Unity/AC.  I'm now using Mecanim instead of the Legacy animation system within AC and after wrestling it for a bit, I *finally* have my character animating somewhat...although, I did have to pull off the running animation from the state machine, because anytime I'd click on where I'd like my character to go, it seemed to bypass speed and go straight into run.  That's okay, because with this game, the only time the player should run will be in scripted sequences.

Anyway, I'm having a hard time getting the character to stop on the location that I click on in the scene.  I will click in a specific location and the character will walk to that point, pause briefly and then walk in a straight line until he hits a wall...and then he keeps walking into the wall.  I'm wondering if the LocomotionController that came with the Locomotion Set of animations from Mixamo does not play nicely with the AC point and click system?  Has anyone else come across this yet?  I'm using Unity Navigation and rebaked my navigation paths and have played around with several settings within the Player Script in AC, but I'm a bit stumped.  I must say, I'm new to Mecanim, so I'm trying to do research on this at the same time, but if I thought if anyone else has come across this and has a quick fix, I'd appreciate it.


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    Actually, I think I figured it out.  I needed to go into the LocomotionController that Mixamo provided and change some of the transitions and blends and then go back to the AC Player Script to tweak all of the Movement settings to make sure there was enough buffer to properly allow the system to realize that it was hitting a specific movement speed.  The settings were off by a bit, so it was never allowing the animation to go under the speed threshold that would cause the transition back to idle state, which, in turn, would stop the player from forward momentum.

    ...Although, I am having some issues with pathfinding now.  It seems like the player gets confused and can't really figure out paths nearly as well as before.  Oh well.  One thing at a time, I suppose. :)
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