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Version 1.35 - Unity 4.5 compatibility and more bugfixin'

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Mainly a bugfix update, this one.  A few minor features, but with AC now being Unity 4.5 compatible my focus is on stability for the moment.
  • Added: Ability to set the delay after Dialogue: Play speech Action before next Action is run
  • Added: Unhandled interactions for Choose Interaction Then Hotspot mode - set in Cursor Manager underneath each Icon
  • Added: Object: Highlight action - use to manually highlight 3D mesh objects and Inventory items
  • Added: When asset-based Actions are set to Run Cutscene after running, "Cutscene to run" becomes "ActionList to run"
  • Fixed: Issues with cycling through cursor modes in Choose Interaction Then Hotspot mode
  • Fixed: Error when placing 2D GameCameras in a scene using the Scene Manager
  • Fixed: Error when using DetectHotspot script with Hotspots that have no associated Highlight object
  • Fixed: Pasting asset-based Actions causing parenting effect in file hierarchy
  • Fixed: Asset-based Actions being highlighted in blue in ActionList Editor window even after game stops running
  • Fixed: Inventory Manager breaking if Recipes were declared but no Inventory items exist
  • Fixed: Interactions not always running in Direct control games when the Input method was set to Keyboard Or Controller
  • Fixed: Double-clicking on Hotspots to run sometimes requiring three clicks to work
  • Fixed: "DoCrafting" ActionList asset clearing crafting items
  • Fixed: Not being able to auto-create a default 2.5D GameCamera from the Scene Manager
  • Fixed: Player movement animations not playing when using Ultimate FPS asset to move


  • Rad, everything seems to be in order in 4.5, not seeing any errors and nothing is broken at first glance so great :)
  • Uff... so much changes since last time I was around! hehe good work Chris! :)

    I'm on my way of updating to Unity 4.5.1, AC 1.35 and 2DTK 2.5 beta 1...
  • > Added: Unhandled interactions for Choose Interaction Then Hotspot mode - set in Cursor Manager underneath each Icon

    Thanks for adding this one so quickly!
  • Bought Adventure Creator two days again - best purchase ever!!! And the support seems amazing. Good job Chris :)
  • 1.35 working fine on Unity 4.5.1 for me :)
  • edited June 2014
    In the words of Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan......"Excellent".
  • edited June 2014

    EDIT: Found Problem, it was conflicting with Mecanim Control, just throw mecanim control out and all is ok

    EDIT 2: Just imported Mecanim Control again, afterAC and all is well. By me it is the install AC first and the nMecanim control

    Unity 4.5.1
    3f _ AC 1.35


    error CS0117: `EventType' does not contain a definition for `KeyDown'

    error CS0117: `EventType' does not contain a definition for `KeyDown'

    Is this
    something to do with the inputmanager?

  • Every time I see an update I'm so scared to update :)

    This time wich is the best way to not loose cursors and menus?
  • edited June 2014
    @ThisIsSparta The best way to not loose anything is to version your application with GIT+SourceTree+BitBucket! Here is an excellent step-by-step guide on how to do it:
    I followed it myself and have not been afraid of updates ever since :). Sourcetree is available for PC now, so the guide works for PC users too.

    Generally, import everything except the preferences and MenuSystem.cs. If you've done any custom changes in AC files, let the Unity updater overwrite them and then merge in your custom changes from GIT.
  • A brief update for those awaiting the next release: while I had hoped to release it yesterday, connection problems mean it'll have to be delayed by a week. Apologies - rest assuresd that, on top of the usual bugfixes, there'll be some nice new features in there too.
  • Anyway of cunningly getting you to give us a glimpse of what features you will be adding for us in the next update? By saying “Please”, maybe?
  • Two definite features:

    1. Head turning for 3D games (including facing Hotspots, Grim Fandango-style)
    2. Ability to run ActionList assets both in the background and simultaneously

    And possibly more.  Looking into something quite neat, but I'd rather keep that quiet since I don't know how feasible it is.

  • Take your time Chris and don't rush it, we will all be looking forward to your new update. Once again thanks for this great product.
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