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Label Text is blurry in Unity 5.2.0

edited September 2015 in Engine development
As already reported here, in Unity 5.2.0f3 the label texts are blurry:
(first is Unity 5.1, second and third are Unity 5.2)

Chaning the Render Mode (Fonts import settings) to "OS default" seems to fix this on MacOSX, but has no effect on Window 7. 


  • added new text in the screenshot above, with the broken thick outline (Unity 5.2.0f3, AC 1.48)
  • As I explained, this is a Unity issue - not an AC one.
  • So, downgrading to unity 5.1 again and waiting for unity to fix this issue in some future release is the only solution?
  • Omg, AdventureFan, thank you for that link, it works now!! I just had to switch from "Dynamic" to "Unicode" for the "Create editable copy" to work (Rendering Mode is "Hinted Raster"). This creates three new files (.png, .mat and .fontsettings), and as soon Filter Mode in the ".png" file is changed to "Point (no filter)" everything is fine again! Though, a harmless "Font size and style overrides are only supported for dynamic fonts" warning shows up in the console, but I don't care at the moment :) 
    Thanks so much!
  • humaldo, might I ask what font you are using and what settings you are using to achieve the outline?

    I'm having trouble with my pixel font with glitches in the y-axis when I adjust the DrawTextOutline to get a nice, even line thickness (I need around 2.4 to get a good thickness).

    Chris: It would be awesome if you at some point have the time to go over the outline and shadow text code to see if anything can be done with it to keep it from breaking at higher values.
  • I'm currently using two fonts, "Minecraftia" (for Hotspots) and "MonkeyIsland-1990". The Fontsize in the "Label Properties" in the Menu Tab is 2.5 (Minecraftia) and 2.6 (MonkeyIsland-1990). In AdvGame.cs I changed the "size" in "AdvGame.DrawTextOutline" (Line 1154 in AC 1.48) to *=3f. Sometimes it has to be *=2.5f (This has to be set again after every AC update). Since Unity 5.2 I have to apply the steps described in my previous post to have non-blurry text and non-broken outlines. 
    Hope that helps!
  • Now I know what the "Font size and style overrides are only supported for dynamic fonts" message means: With non-dynamic fonts (like "Unicode") you can't change text sizes in AC anymore. The only workaround is to make "editable copies" with different text sizes. When creating an "editable copy", the "Font Size" of the Import Settings is taken for the new font - and can't be changed afterwards anymore.

    So, if you need 3 sizes of the same font for different labels in your game, you have to create 3 different copies of the font and assign them to the labels. 
  • Thanks humaldo, I'm actually also using that MonkeyIsland font. I'll try your settings and see how they look on the ipad. I'm having more trouble on the iPad export than in the Unity player, so I might tweak some more and see if I can get it to work.
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