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Skipping speech

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Prior to the update I had it working so that when the user clicked the dialogue skipped to the next part... since the update it is no longer working and I can't for the life of me remember how to set it... any ideas? 


  • It's an option in the Speech Manager - look for "Allow speech skipping"
  • Thanks Chris, I had it selected but for some reason it wouldn't seem to trigger... Saved project and reset Unity and it started behaving itself...
  • Ok... apoologies for bumping a long dead thread however I'm having a few issues with this again and it seemed better to come back here than post another thread.

    Everything is still as above, Speech/Subtitle skipping is enabled and it works fine on my machine however when ever the build is played on another machine the usual click to skip seems to fail, resulting in huge hangs between lines... any ideas? 


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    Are we talking different platforms, or just e.g. PC to PC?

    When you say "huge hangs between lines", are you referring to the display duration of the lines themselves, or the gap between them?  I'm not quite picking up what's happening.

    Also, I think the "Display indefinitely" setting was added since then - are you using that?
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