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Switching from AGS to Adventure Creator (Video)

Hi guys, I'm new here.  I'm an Art/ Media Arts Teacher for my day job, and work on Adventure Game creation in the evenings/ Summers.  This summer, I've finally made the switch over to Adventure Creator from AGS (Adventure Game Studio)... I had a pretty rough transition for a few days, but I'm totally over the learning curve, and loving Unity/ Adventure Creator!  I thought I would make a video to highlight some of the key selling points for AC for those who are curious about the software and still using AGS (nothing against AGS, it's fantastic - and will still be a great resource for many).  However, for me AC was definitely the way to go, looking back, here is the video I wish somebody would have shown me to convince me of the capabilities.



  • Wonderful video, Isaac!  Thanks for making it, I'd love to share that on the AC website in some way, if you'd allow it.  I also started a thread on the AGS forums way back when AC was in its infacy, where people may like to see it.

    I was an AGS-er myself for many years, and I often look back to it for inspiration for new features.  Coming in the next release will be an equivalent to AGS's "anti-glide mode", that will allow you to only move 2D characters at the same moment that their sprite changes.

    One thing I noticed about your video: are you aware that you can have multiple PlayerStarts?  By adding a PlayerStart to your scene, and opening it's Inspector, you can use it to automatically set the player's position, and active camera, when entering the scene from another - no need to teleport the player manually.
  • Thanks Chris, share it as much as you'd like. I'm still fairly new with AC, the teleport thing was something I picked up from the 2D game demo, thanks for the info on utilizing multiple 2D starts. This really is a fantastic resource for Adventure Game Creation, much appreciated for all of the hard work behind the scenes.
  • Thanks, so much on the tip on Multiple player starts, and choosing the active camera for each previous scene... I've also just discovered triggers - and attaching camera switching to them!  Wow, this is how I envisioned scrolling through my game 15 years ago, only now discovering the tools on how to do it... (not a full-time game developer, sometimes it takes me a while to "discover" things.  I'm trying to preserve a nice flow to the camera movements, while adjusting how much of the imagery is visible depending on the location within the scene, triggers is working perfectly for that.  :)
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