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Problems with fading in sprites (Object - Fade Sprite)

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Hi there!

I just tried out the new "Object - Fade sprite - Fade In" action. I made a sprite-logo which should fade in slowly. I attached the "Sprite Fader" and the "Remember Visibility" ("Visibility on start: Off") scripts to the sprite directly, and the sprite is child of an empty game object. In a cutscene I want the sprite to fade in using the "Fade Sprite" action, "Time to fade: 1, Wait until finish: true". 

When I run the cutscene, the sprite logo doesn't fade in but appears instantly. I tried around a while and one time fading in worked, but the next time it didn't. Do I overlook something or is this a bug? 



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    Can't tell - you're going to have to be more specific about "tried around a while".  What did you do that made it work one time, but not the other?

    Try removing the Remember Visibility component temporarily - if it works then, we know there's a conflict there.
  • When I remove the Remember Visibility, how should I make the sprite invisible before, so I can fade it in again? 

    What I just did: 
    - I removed the "Remember Visibility" component and tried "object - fade sprite - fade out" before the sprite was teleported into the scene. But then the sprite doesn't appear at all when i try to fade in. 
    - When using "object - visibility - invisible" before, the sprite appears at once with "fade sprite - fade in", but doesn't fade in, even "Time to fade" is set to 1. Thats the same problem as I reported in my initial post. 
    - When "time to fade" is set to Zero (like, instant), the sprite won't appear at all.

    Is this more helpful for debugging?
  • Fixed for v1.47.  Thanks for the report.
  • You're welcome, glad I could help hunt and shoot another bug :)
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    It is not a bug. Remember Visibilty  doesn't remember current alpha value. That is why when you load your scene back Remember Visibility sets instantly your sprite visible to alpha value 1.

    The way I do it I simply change the value of the sprite alpha I want to fade in to 0 in the Sprite Renderer Color, and then add Sprite Fader component, that is all :)
  • @skytree Thanks! That helped!
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