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Shenmue III Kickstarter !!!!!!!!!!!!

Back it

I started to cry when it was announced.




  • Backed before I even watched the pitch.  Unbelievable.  I'd never have believed it had I not seen it for myself..

    Another half an hour and it'll be fully pledged.  $2m in 7 hours.  This is going to smash KS's past records by a mile.  Corey Marshall's willing to return, here's hoping they want him.

    Now we can FINALLY get out of that cave! :D
  • They've done it!
  • I cannot wait (lol 14 years).

    What will Yu have thought of the game all these years ??

    Will it conclude (Suzuki said there's "a semi conclusion" at chapter 9 of 16).

    I cannot believe it, so out of the blue, they called us crazy, but we knew what was going on ¿?
  • I was worried that they'd have to shorten things if the budget is just $2m, but apparently Sony are helping with the costs.

    I just hope we have another chance to get passer-bys to play lucky hit.  Poor Ryo would try to explain the rules every time even though EVERYONE IN HONG KONG knew how to play :P
  • Ryo is going to be very dissapointed when he finds there is not even a single sailor bar in rural china.

    Probably doing a little spoof game promoting the kickstarter, obviously using AC ;)

    Yu Suzuki aparently thinks the game is going to mantain the budget scope of the originals, I really don't know who I am anymore.

  • backed it too,  AC is allowing people to make their own shenmue! respect!
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