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Idea: Comment-Actions

edited June 2015 in Engine development
Enjoy my little mockup :) 

And of course I meant "dynamic vertical size of the text" :)


  • I wonder if we're getting into feature-creep territory with this one.

    You could do this easily enough with a custom action, but I'll consider it for official.
  • Feature-creep is my second name :) joking aside, it was just a spontaneous idea, will try if i get something like that with custom actions. I'm still pretty bad with custom actions :)
  • I like this idea! ;) 
    I also use rarely the Action List Editor, I prefer the "one column" method to make Actionlists/Cutscenes, so somethimes when I have to search some action I have some difficulty.
    This feature will be useful! 
  • I was just thinking about this a few days ago.

    Able to comment things would be a great help in the longer events.

  • The nicest-looking way would be to have annotations that exist separately in the ActionList Editor window, but this would cause problems with e.g. Auto-arranging, where the positions of such annotations would then be wrong because the Actions they reference would be moved.

    Probably best to go with @humaldo's suggestion, and have them just as "empty" Actions that get inserted into the chain as normal.  At least this way you could have e.g. an option to print the comment out to the console.
  • Feature implementation verified in 1.46d: Works perfectly, thanks :)

    But maybe one liiiiiittle minor iteration: The top-line only displays 12 letters at the moment ( "(1) ActionList: Comment (OnlyTwelveLe..)" )  Could this be increased to, let's say, 30 letters? Then the comment would also be displayed meaningfully when the action is collapsed. 
  • Hi! I can confirm that the 12-letters-restriction is gone in the latest AC version, thx :)

    Basically the comment action is a great convenience, already used the "print to console" feature to hunt a couple of bugs :) But since the comment field is only one line without line breaks, longer comments don't work (because you don't see most of the text). Would it be possible to use a simliar field as in "Dialogue: Play Speech" action, one which gets vertically bigger when more text is entered?

    That would be greaaaat, thanks! :)
  • certainly my biggest issue with visual coding like this sort of stuff is no way to insert comments, unity itself should have a post it note style thing that you can put anywhere and leave comments on.. that would be a nice asset to write :)
  • Go right ahead, sir! :-)
  • Personally I really love the new "ActionList - Comment" Action in Adventure Creator, my cutscenes and interactions are way more understandable since I use them. And the "Print to console" feature is very helpful too.
  • edited September 2015
    "unity itself should have a post it note
    style thing that you can put anywhere and leave comments on.. that would
    be a nice asset to write"

    @radiantboy Damn that would be amazing.

    Got me looking around for what's available. Notes, and uNote look cool, but they're limited to game object commenting understandably. It would be neat if someone did something that could hook into windows and custom editors and all that but probably unlikely.
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