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Input-fields for int-vars using parameters?

Hi there!

I have another special case :) I tried to use parameters to create a sort of "bulk" actionlist where I can set a lot of int-variables at once. But didn't find a way to get an input field other than using a "string" variable - which obviously doesn't work because strings and ints are different var types.

Is there a way to get input fields for int-vars using parameters?




  • That looks like a bug to me - you should be able to set parameters of all types using the ActionList: Run Action.
  • That's how it is at the moment (without an string parameter):
  • I see now - it's because you're setting the Global Var to effect dynamically as well.  The fields beneath it will normally depend on the chosen var's type - so setting to a specific String var will give you a text field.

    To get an integer box to appear with a parameterised Global Variable, you'd have to un-set the Variable parameter, select an Integer variable, and then reset the field to use the Global Variable parameter.
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    My brain! Where was my brain again!! Thanks, now it works, of course :)
    Edit: The un-set and re-set thingy is a bit tricky, though. If you don't know that it has to be done that way, it's hard to discover.

  • True, but it's the only way to get AC to know what you're after.  It's also the way you'd use a parameterised character in e.g. Character: Animate - since you need to supply a character first to get the correct fields beneath it.
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