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Bug: No "More/Less than" options in "Check Variable" actions of global vars

In AC 1.45a, Global Variables don't have the "Less Than" and "More Than" options in the "Check Variable" actions. Is this something that can be fixed quickly locally or do I have to wait for the next AC release?



  • The var you're trying to test on your screenshot seems to be a string. That's why you can't choose less than/more than. Global/local should not change anything about that.
  • FUCK, I'm an idiot, you're right. It's clearly to early in the morning :) (Background: I have another "CurrentScene" variable which is an integer, and I confused them. That's what happens when you name your variables badly).

    Sorry! Case closed. 
  • I guess any dev has been confronted with obvious problems like this searching for hours what was wrong :D
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