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Using more than one inventory item on drag and drop object

I have set inventory items up in seperate context containers and I was wondering how I can allow the player to drag and drop any items from a container onto an interaction object. By this I mean I have a choice of lockpick, skeleton key, crowbar, codebreaker device and a short circuit device. The player can use any one of these on certain doors and each one will have a different effect that plays into the game later on e.g. using the codebreaker results in a mini-game but if the player revisits that area they would have to do the mini-game again, however, if they use the short circuit device it will blow the door but on a subsequent revisit there will be a repairman and a security guard/policeman. If the pßlayer uses the lockpick they have to do a mini-game, but the skeleton key will just open it. Only one item is needed on the door at a time.

How would I go about implementing this? In code I would just test against a tag but as far as I am aware to do it via the inventory interactions inspector a specific item needs to be chosen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • I must be missing something, because I don't know why this is different from any other inventory interaction implementation on a Hotspot.  Are you trying to bypass it all through code?
  • Sorry, I thought I was limited to one inventory interaction per hotspot I realise now that I can have any number of these inventory drag and drop items with a seperate interaction for each even on a single hotspot.My only excuse is I often do this project in fits and starts and when I return to ,it  I think things are harder to do in AC than they actually are. My apologies for wasting your time.
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