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Double Click Hotspot action?

I have "portal" hotspots set up as "Single 'Use' so if I click on them, my character walks to the marker then we change scenes. I'd like the option to double click on the hotspot and immediately change scenes in case the player doesn't want to watch Duke slowly walk for 5 minutes over to the door before changing scenes. 

Is there a way to set up a different action list if I double click rather than single click?


  • Not currently, but I should be able to add this as a feature.
  • That would be very helpful. I was trying to add it in myself but was having a little difficulty finding the right place to add it.

    Thanks Chris
  • I think the best way would be to have a setting, e.g. Double-click performs: Run or Instant Interact.  Would you think this best implemented as a per-Hotspot or game-wide setting?
  • That is a question I have been pondering as well. In our game we have some fairly wide sets and double-clicking to run comes in handy. I could see where having both would be useful. 

    In our situation, we're using a verb coin-type interface for most hotspots except for hotspots that change rooms (which we're calling Portals). In the case of Portals, "Single 'Use' Interaction?" is used and only in that case would we want a Double-click Instant Interaction to take place. Perhaps a game-wide setting would work best and would only apply if the hotspot only has a single action available? 
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    My two cents: I would like such a feature too. I think it's the best you implement it as a per-Hotspot feature. Then there is freedom to decide case by case. That let me come to another feature request: what do you think about implementing a second hotspot mode for doors/portals or any exits? These hotspots could have the double click as standard feature (but can optional have standard or instant modes). Furthermore "Exits" could get a special icon so the player can recognize them by showing hotspots and they differ from default hotspots.
  • @Charlos: Thank you for the input.  I think it might get confusing to have separate Hotspot prefabs in the official build, but know that you can simply create a new Hotspot prefab with the changes you want, and add it when needed.  As for Exit icons, this is possible by defining custom icons within the Cursor Manager, and then assigning them within the Hotspot Inspector.  The 2D Demo makes use of this for the edges of the scene.
  • Thank you, Chris.
  • The easiest method may just have a "Double Click Action" on the hotspots with an available slot for an Actionlist. If it's empty, no action is taken and the double click is ignored.
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    I'm also interested in this feature. I also would like to make my character change scene instantly on double click.

    I'm ok with what surfinsocks just proposed, having a double click interaction on each hotspot. Would give the possibility to make this instant switch, but also to do anything else. If nothing set for it, then the default run actoin would be done.
  • I don't fancy the idea of a separate interaction type - with all the different Interaction methods something could easily get broken.  I think having a per-Hotspot option of double clicking causing the player to run vs an instant trigger would be the cleanest solution.
  • When you say "instant interact" you mean it would skip (if I understand skipping cutscene in the manual, it goes through the action list doing everything instantly) the action list affected to the "use interaction"? If so I think it would be enough for me. My main concern is to avoid players watch character walking again and again when he already saw the scene tons of times.

    It's really useful in ddaedalic studio games when you have to return a lot of times to the same scene and you don't want to wait again for the character to cross the scene.
  • I only mean that it would skip the process of the player walking over to the Hotspot, in the case that you've set the "Player action" to "Walk To Marker".
  • Ok, for my use it would be enough. It's just I liked the idea of having more control on the double click interaction. Maybe just add a "skip action list" option too when double click set to "instant interact" if you can. Because it could be more complex than just walk to marker>change scene. We could have other animations or anything we could imagine. It would let the possibility to make it just skip the walking to marker or the whole thing.
  • We need this for our game, too. Running/instant scene change by double-click. Can you please let me know if you're working on it for the next build, Chris? Otherwise I'd see if I can implement it myself. Thanks! :)
  • What I've described above (choosing between player running and auto-appearring at the Marker point) will be in 1.46, yes.
  • Alright, thank you!
  • Bumping this thread.
    Would it be possible to add another option in the "Double-clicking" drop-down: "Run different Action List / Interaction"? And then drop in a different cutscene/action-list, which would play instead of the default Interaction.
    This gives greater flexibility than just handling the case of skipping the "Player actions", which is just basic walking or turning.
    In my particular example, a single click sends the player to the base of a staircase, and then in the Interaction proceeds along a specific path to go upstairs and then change scenes when he reaches the top of the stairs. And I want the double-click to just change scenes. So, my second Interaction would just change scenes, and the first Interaction would do the stair path walk and then change scenes.
  • I see your point, but I feel that would be quite limiting (or add huge amounts of complexity) when other control systems are at play.

    It should be possible to have a custom script detect a double-click and do this manually instead.  Have something like this run in an Update() function:

    if (AC.KickStarter.playerInput.GetMouseState () == MouseState.DoubleClick)
      // Double-clicked
      if (AC.KickStarter.playerInteraction.GetHotspotMovingTo () == myStairsHotspot)
        // Already moving to the stairs hotspot
        AC.KickStarter.playerInteraction.StopMovingToHotspot ();
        myOtherCutscene.Interact ();
  • Works like a charm. Thanks Chris
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