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Renamed hotspots and parameter strings are not saved in translations??


I just made the translation of my #AdventureJam game. When testing the translation, suddenly a lot of things went wrong. Then I realized that all renamed hotspots and paramters strings are not saved in the translation!  I used parameters to link lots of texts to variables without having to use dozens of single actions. BUT all those texts now seem to be untranslatable. 

I have no Idea how to save this - except for copy and pasting all the text of my game and having only one language then....

Is there a solution?


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    I'll need to know more about these parameter strings.  Could you post an example of how you're using this for replacing text in your game?
  • When I discovered parameters i was a bit too enthusiastic, I'm afraid :)
  • Hmm, yesterday the embedded picture worked. Here's the link to the screenshot.

    But i think the problem can be solved relatively easily. I "only" have to go through all my cutscenes and interactions, create normal dialog actions beneath my **great** parameter actions, copy paste the texts into them and delete the parameter strings. Afterwards making a new translation should work. Should be doable in a couple of days.

    But this doesn't solve the renamed hotspots issue, though.
  • Are you renaming Hotspots through parameters also, or just through the normal way?

    I'm not sure translating parameters is an option.  It should, however, be possible to upgrade the Variable: Check Action to account for a range.
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    no, i renamed the hotspots with the normal Hotspots: Rename action.
    Nevermind the parameter translations, it was just sub optimal i started using them before I looked into how the IDs of the translations work. I'm currently reworking my cutscenes and interactions, should be done in a couple of days.
  • See my reply to this thread regarding your range problem.
  • The translation of hotspots, at least, will be in v1.44
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