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Global Var Values aren't stored in Options Data anymore?

Hi there!

Have Options Data things changed in AC 1.43? For a webplayer game I want to save some global vars in the options data, but the values aren't stored. I double checked it several times, all Global Vars are linked to Options data ("Link to: Options Data" Field) but every time the game is restarted (Unity Editor and deployed on a webserver) the variables are reset to their Initial Value again. 

Changing "Speech/Music/SFX Volume" values in the "Settings Tab" is saved correctly, only linked Variables are not.

Have I missed anything??



  • If anything changed, it wasn't intentional.  Does this only occur on the WebPlayer platform?
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    I loaded an pre-AC1.42 project and it worked well. My newest guess is that it could have to do with messing around (sorting, re-arranging, deleting) Global Variables in the "Variables" Tab of the Game Editor. I re-arranged the order of the variables a few times and now some things seem to be buggy (e.g. the description of collapsed variable-actions isn't updated afterwards).

    I backed up my project and try deleting all variables and create them again - without any deleting or sorting anymore. Wish me luck :)
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    Ok, created all variables again, but problem is not solved (But it was a good occasion to go through all cutscenes and re-check the actions again :) )

    But I found something else when I looked into the Persistent Engine Gameobject while Play-Mode:

    The "update link on start" checkmark looks suspicious. But how (and where?) can I enable it?


    I loaded my AC 1.42c project again and everything looks exactly the same there. I don't know what I could try else. From my side it looks like it's a bug in AC 1.43 :(
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    But your 1.42c project was back before you re-arranged your variables, no?  I'm trying to determine whether this is because of the 1.42->1.43 update, or because of the re-arrangement.  Neither is desirable, of course, but it's important to pin down the cause of this.
  • The 1.42c project is basically an older version of my currend project. I duplicated the 1.42c folder renamed it, started the "new" project in unity and then updated it to 1.43. I just started playing around with options data a few days ago, that's why I didn't discovered it earlier.

    When I now open the old 1.42c project, the options data works.
  • Expect this fixed in 1.43.
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    Yeah, great! When can the update be expected, approximately? We're working on an AdventureJam game and the deadline is the 17th. We'd like to release it Webplayer only this time and would need to disable all Saving UI elements in case the AC 1.43x update comes at a later point.

  • Unknown.  As a temporary measure, try renaming the Awake function in RuntimeVariables to Start.  That seems to be the cause.
  • Yeah, thanks!! Renaming the Awake function in RuntimeVariables (and in line 71 of ActionEndGame) worked!! Now the variables are stored/loaded correctly and everything is on track for the #AdventureJam again :)

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