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Prefix for labels? (like "Use X with Y")

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Hey there!

In my current project I have simple 1-click-controls and I want to create a simple drag-n-drop interface for interactions. So basically there will be Icons of my Inventory Items displayed at the bottom of the screen, and when i drag them over hotspots, prefixes should be displayed in the Label Menu, like "Use item X with Hotspot Y"

Dragging Hamster = "Use Hamster with"
Dragging Hamster over Hotspot = "Use Hamster with Hotspot"


Dragging Camera = "Take picture of"
Dragging Camera over Hotspot  =  "Take picture of Hotspot"

But I don't know how to achieve this. I searched the forum and the manual, but found nothing. Maybe I'm blind. Does anyone have a hint for me?  Thanks!!


  • Currently, you can only have two prefix groups: "Use X on Y" and "Give X to Y".  Technically, you have access to the words themselves, so you could rename them, but not so that X would be removed.  Perhaps a per-item syntax would be possible in an update.
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