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Best way to change input method ? (thirdperson/UFPS)

Right now I'm just using a onload cutscene to change input movement, but I don't think it's the best way to solve the problem of using two different prefab players and switching to a first person type of game. (also haven't tested if it works well with the saving system).

Does anyone have a nicer solution ?


  • Do you mean "Movement method" instead?  That's how UFPS is controlled, not the Input method in the Settings Manager.  Currently this state is not saved, but I can look to see if this is possible.  If not, or until then, you can try using a Global Boolean/PopUp variable to check the correct method, and set it when the movement method is changed.
  • Thank you !

    Cool to be able to save the movement method.
  • It's in 1.43.
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