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Dialogue system : What does "Play in Background" mean?

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I'm pretty much done with my game now, im working on cutscenes and punchlines mostly.

Im having a problem with dialogues however and im guessing i misunderstood something. I got one scene where a crowd of people suppose to talk together. I've created dialogues, i've assigned different NPC's to each dialoge and i clicked "play in background" option, thinking this option will let dialogue play while character will be free to roam around. But this was not the case as i have to wait every dialogue line play one by one and all the while player cannot control the character.

So simply
1) How to fire up more than  few dialogues at the same time
2) What does "Play in Background" mean?
3) Is there a way to let dialogue continue all the while we can actually move the character and continue with our games?


  • If an speech Action is set to Play in background, then the ActionList won't wait for it to finish before continuing.  If the ActionList then finishes while the speech is still displayed, then gameplay will resume.

    If you want several lines of dialogue played in succession, while giving the Player control, place them in a Cutscene with "When running" set to Run in background (the ActionList, not the Speech action).  This way, Pause actions will become delays, and won't block gameplay.  You can then insert them in-between each Speech Action to have background chatter.
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