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Found some problems, that stumped me in my game designing Help pls?

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Hey guys i  have a couple of problems that stumped me:

1.) I need to create an object that will be above my farm plot for planting.. for example i have an empty farm plot. i want my player to click the hotspot using the seed bag, i want to change the texture of my plot to the texture of a plot that has seeds in it already.. then after some time (through Skitt2015's help on my previous thread) i want to create a sprout of the planted seed above my plot.. and continue to change it as time pass by to make a "growing" effect of the planted seed

2.)the game camera does not stick to the player after loading a game with this error 

GameObject GameCameraThirdPerson was not saved because it does not have a constant ID script!
Serializer:GetConstantID(GameObject) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Save system/Serializer.cs:73)
SaveSystem:SaveSaveGame(Int32) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Save system/SaveSystem.cs:357)
SaveSystem:SaveGame(Int32) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Save system/SaveSystem.cs:274)

can anyone help? im not that good at scripts


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    I can't help with #2, but #1 shouldn't require any scripts at all. 
    You can do the seed texture in a number of ways- 

    -create a plane game object and give it a decal shader with just the "seed layer" texture as the decal and have it be moved onto the plot when the seeds are planted

    -create a separate plot mesh with the seed texture and when the player plants the seeds, just change the old plot to invisible and make the new plot visible

    -create individual seed objects and have them be moved onto the plot when the player plants the seeds

    I'm sure there are also several other ways to do that. As for the growing over time, it might be difficult to actually make one object grow like that (unless all you want to do is scale it in the vertical direction, but doing this would cause the details and features of the object to get stretched), but instead you can just replace the object with a "more grown" object at the predetermined time.

    Meaning, once the plant has reached growth stage 2, make it invisible, and make another plant (in the same place, but with more growth) visible. 

    You could also even have each plant or seed have several animations, so that they grow up each time you want it to grow. Or, you could have a very very long animation showing the plant/seed growing over a long period of time, and just play that animation as soon as it's ready to grow.

    All of this can be done with actions.
  • Hmm i thought of that but you've elaborated it for me hehe thanks skitt :) maybe chris can answer my 2nd question .. i'll just wait if for his reply thanks again bro

  • So, to verify: Have you attached a constant ID script to GameCameraThirdPerson? Without one the camera position won't be saved.
  • im afraid not. hmm ill try that.. its just attatching the ConstantID script?? thanks haha feel kinda foolish for that one..

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