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Can't use UFPS player?

edited May 2014 in Technical Q&A
I tried drag and drop it on player but it won't work although it's in resources folder
What did I do wrong??



  • Only a prefab with the "Player" script attached to it can be placed in the Player prefab.

    Please note that UFPS is not officially supported by Adventure Creator.  Not to say it won't work, but I can't guarantee that it will.  AC does have it's own First Person mode, if not.
  • Aww, hopefully that Adventure Creator will support UFPS soon! Looking forward for that :)
  • Are you planning on using all of the UFPS features or were you just looking for an FPS player prefab? Ben Esposito made a cool minimalistic one with smooth controls that I think would be really suitable for an adventure game. Maybe it's of use to you.
  • I would like to use UFPS because the controller are smooth but thanks for telling me that. Hopefully that prefab can use on Adventure Creator
  • I can't use that prefab because it needs exact "Player" script that they gave on package
  • but the function that references the guide is not needed for these situations

    excuse my english :)
  • How to use that script? Can somebody teach me? Is this will help me on UFPS?
  • @Hedgefield: That link is great, computer art that doesn't damage my eyesight, thanks.
    @All: I'd buy an FPS/RPG plugin for Adventure Creator, you just need some combat .a.i., etc.
  • You can use either the UFPS or the torahorse prefab probably if you add the "Player" script to it. It can easily be added as a component just like you would set up the regular player prefab in an AC project.
  • If I put "Player" script on my UFPS prefab, it will disturb the controller because you are installing 2 controller script in one. If I delete the motor/controller of UFPS prefab and replace it with "Player" script. Well, what's the point, the controller is still solid because the smoother controller is programmed in UFPS scripts
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