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Unity Navigation & NavMesh segments

edited May 2014 in Technical Q&A

Using NavMesh segments make it really difficult when having natural layouts in scenes. such as hills, slopes, round corners. 
Is it not possible to simply use the default bakable Navigation Mesh without using Segments?
Am I missing something?



  • If you're making a Point and Click game, Segments are needed to "catch" mouse clicks and sync them to the baked Navigation Mesh.  The Segment prefab is a simple plane for convenience, but you can change it's shape by swapping out it's Mesh field in the Mesh Collider component.

    A custom mesh is recommended for scenes with Terrains and hills as you describe.  If you are using a Terrain, you can use this script to export it to an external 3D application like Blender, and create a custom NavMesh based on that - adding holes where you need, removing unnecessary geometry, etc - then re-import it and assign it as the Mesh field.
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