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[Solved] 2d Topdown workflow (The Scene View keeps getting reseted to 2d x axis)

edited May 2014 in Technical Q&A
I've created my project and been working on 2d-Topdown workflow. I have a slight problem.

Whenever I enter the Game Mod and leave the Game Mod , my Scene view (like my Viewing perspetive) is reseted to x axis with 2d button (next to Rgb button) is clicked on.

I have to click off 2d, change my scene view perspective every time again and again. I know Chris mentioned that this type of workflow is not supported by the 2d view. But if so, why does it keep being reseted to 2d view? Is this a Bug? Have i missed a option i should have clicked on? It really started to get in the way.

Note: again, this is not the game view. The game works fine as 2d-Topdown. The cameras and all work as they should. Only when i get back to unitys scene window , this reseting occurs


  • Sorry, let me clarify: are you saying the actual "2D" button in the Scene window is literally being activated/deactivated automatically?

    Very confusing - it could be Unity related.  AC isn't actually written to do that (indeed, I don't even KNOW how to do that)
  • " the actual "2D" button in the Scene window is literally being activated/deactivated automatically? " exactly.

    But it helped alot that you mentioned AC might not be the reason for this. I went to project settings and editor settings. I have created this project (fromt the begining) as a 2d project. So changed 2d to 3d and now im always on scene itself (rather than somewhere else). Sorry for the false alarm :)

  • That is exactly it, if the project is set to 2D it will automatically snap to that axis when you press Play. I had the same thing recently. It's not an AC issue :)
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