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Walk to marker problems

edited May 2014 in Technical Q&A
Hi all! Hi have this strange problem :)

I have some hotspot that share the same marker...all the actions have walk to marker cheked cause if I need to reach the hotspot from far I want the action near the hotspost...the problem is If I do an action on a hotspot and the player is already on the marker he walk even if is the same spot...someone have solution?


  • It likely depends on the scale of your game's models.  The Player can never expect to be in the EXACT same position as the Marker, so instead it just checks if it's nearby.  If it's not within a set distance, it'll start moving.

    Go to the Settings Manager, and find the Destination accuracy setting under Movement settings.  Lowering it may fix the issue.
  • Teleport to marker will fix the problem? The player will be ever exactly in the marker right?
  • Teleporting to the Marker will ensure the Player is in the correct spot, yes.  A trick used a couple of times in the 3D Demo is to mask the "snap" between the Player being near the Marker and exactly on top of it with a camera cut.
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