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GlobalVariables could not be found -Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

edited May 2014 in Technical Q&A
What is wrong with this code (with the changes to AC scrit)

IE= GameObject.FindwithTag(Tags.persistenteEngine).GetComponent <GlobalVariables>().GetIntegerValue (1);

GlobalVariables are not recognized


  • I Read that you changed GlobalVariables back to RuntmeVariables

    and changed that

    But now i am getting error CS0176 : Static member "RuntimeVariables.GetIntegerValue(int)" cannot be accessed with an instance reference, qualify it with a type name instead

  • I apologise for the script changing, but in fact the GlobalVariables class is still the right one to use - but they're static now meaning the syntax is easier.  This tutorial has the full list of functions available, but the corrected line you've posted would be:

    int value = AC.GlobalVariables.GetIntegerValue (1);
  • Worked like a charm, thanks Chris
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